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Maharajas Express Booking Is Open for Exotic Tour Packages

There was a time when only traveling through planes was considered exotic. Trains, especially Indian trains were not the exact definition of traveling in style and luxury. However, much has changed from then to now. Today, you can find Rajdhanis and Durontos; but the most striking in the luxury scene are exclusively designed luxury trains.

The most expensive and the most prestigious one is the Maharajas Express. Also, Its booking price shows what a gem of a train it is!

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The train has helped to paint a pretty picture of Indian railways. Since the day it started, which was in March 2010, the train has helped to showcase India’s best to tourists from across the world. The train chugs through its routes whole night and reaches a new destination each morning…ready for the tourists to experience something new each day.


The 23-coach luxury on wheels

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The train features one Presidential Suite, which spans one whole carriage. It has 2 suites, 6 junior suites, and 5 deluxe cabins. Apart from this, the train has a lounge, a bar, a mini library, a souvenir shop, and two dining cars. It has its own water filtration plant on board. The entire train is connected with telephone lines. Each suite and cabin has an individual temperature control system, Wi-Fi connection, attached bath, and a personal butler to attend to the passengers.

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Its advanced suspension system ensures a smooth ride throughout the journey. There are fire alarms and CCTV cameras for safety, plus electronic safes in each suite. Passengers can fearlessly keep their valuables and documents in the safe. The train also has 24×7 paramedic assistance.

So, you see, everything is taken care of on board the train. Even off board excursions are well planned with tour guides to help tourists know about monument history and architecture. Accommodations for tourists are royal and the transport arrangements for sightseeing are done through luxury cabs. Passengers can do whatever they like off board, but they must adhere to the schedule of the tour.

Traveling in the Maharaja train is an extra ordinary experience. Additionally, you not only get a chance to see some of the most majestic places of India, but also get to travel in sheer luxury and style. This is not possible through other trains.

There is not an iota of doubt in the fact that luxury trains like the Maharaja play a valuable role in promoting Indian travel tourism. Also, Luxury trains have increased the reputation of India globally. Often, foreigners want to come to India, but are deterred by reports of chaotic rail travel and unsafe behavior of locals. This isn’t the real picture of India. Traveling in luxury trains is absolutely safe and comfortable. You can see India without being “harassed,” as being told by certain news reports.

Resurrecting India’s royal era

There was a time when Indian kings’ kids had real toy trains in which they went to school. Today, you have at your disposal trains like the Maharaja to take you to places. This has set a new benchmark in Indian train travel. The tours are tastefully planned so that you can have a glimpse of the royal lifestyle of Indian emperors and get the essence of this royalty, which still lingers in many cities of India.

This side of India is a must-see. So, what are you waiting for? Book a suite or cabin. Maharajas Express Booking  is open. Traveling in the world’s leading luxury train is a matter of pride. It creates unmatched memories that can enrich your life. Not everybody gets a chance to travel in luxury trains. Make yourself the lucky one.


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