Weekend Getaways from Dharamshala


Dharamshala is all concerning vibrant Tibetan flags, rolling prayer wheels and therefore the collective sound of the ringing bells and chirping birds. My initial day was dedicated to exploring the attractive Norbulingka Institute of Tibetan Culture. in-built a conventional Tibetan vogue, the institute is about in an exceedingly beautiful garden of wandering methods, ponds, flowing streams and bridges. The serenity here may be a refreshing respite from the ever honking and active of town life.

On the way to TriundDay two saw the adventurer in me setting off on a trek to Triund. The nine kilometre trek from Mcleodganj to Triund provides a panoramic view of Kangra Valley. The trek gradually steepened and the roads narrowed as I ascended.  To my respite, a small snack shop midway, provided refreshments. A soothing cup of the most delicious adrakki chai  and a few biscuits later, I headed further up, making my way through a narrow, stony route that led me up to the highest point of the hill. The view from atop was better than I expected. Locals told me that it’s also called ‘Magic View Mountain’ because of the panoramic vista it offered.

Bhagsu FallsAnother interesting but not as exhausting, was the two kilometre trek to Bhagsu Falls on my third day of the trip. The effect of the cold water and the lush greenery around made it a perfect site to rejuvenate myself as I enjoyed the overarching scenic beauty. Bhagsu Temple is the main attraction here. As much asDharamshala and Mcleodganj are known for its mountainous views, the food in these parts is quasi gourmet! From pancakes to paranthas, from momos to maggi, from thupkas to tea, every café has a variety of dishes to offer, each in their own signature style. The two cafes particularly popular are the Four Seasonsand Jimmy’s. Every tourist must try the famous Tibetan butter tea; an interesting sweet-salty mix.

Shopping in Dharamshala has plenty to offer. Tibetan silver jewellery, ‘Free Tibet’ t-shirts, thangkas, mini prayer wheels and colourful Tibetan flags. While the high prices may put you off initially, put your bargaining skills to the test for a better deal.

View of the ValleyThe bustling life and the natural beauty of Dharamshala never failed to amaze me and even as I set out for my journey back home, the spiritual chant of Om Mani Padme Hum continued ringing in my ears.