Top10 Tourist Destinations in Singapore


Singapore being a cosmopolitan city is an attractive and well evolved tourist place visited. It is emphasised due to its cultural harmony. Singapore has a huge evolved tourism industry and is renowned for having several stimulating, flourishing, thrilling places to visit. So here take a look at the top 10 tourist destinations in Singapore:

10. Orchard Road:

Orchard Road Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

Orchard market is a well renowned shopping paradise particularly for woman. The title and considered of Singapore habitually recalls and fills your brain with considered of Orchard street. This is famous for its road view trading. This is amplified for about 2.3 kilometers from Delphi Orchard to Orchard centered. One while moving along this street will not avoid the appealing boasts or discounts, performances of road instrumentalist and some branded stuffs too. There are plenty of things to glimpse on along the road side of this large-scale street. The staple enticements of this street centers round Ion Orchard, Paragon, Tangs etc. This location has gained alallotmentment attractiveness and becomes a favorite pastime for the tourists.

9. Singapore Botanical Garden:

Singapore Botanical Garden Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

Botanical garden is the focus of affinity located in the middle of the town beside Gleneagles clinic. The lush green environment full of varied plants all around with colourful flowers left a long lasting effect on the minds of the tourists. It has covered 64 acres of land with aesthetic beauty of plants and view. There is a Swan lagoon on the major entry of Botanical Garden which is their created by artificial means to greeting and appeal tourist. This initiative was taken by Sir Stamford Raffles, a scholar of Botany. His interest in bizare plants assists him to develop this astonishing and appealing garden. It is the state’s first class Botanic Garden.

8. Singapore Flyer:

Singapore Flyer Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

This is the largest ferry wheel in the world with a height of 165 metres. It offers a complete 360 ° view of Singapore and the Marina Bay region, in which it is located. It built over a three storey building with a number of shops, bars and outlets. It takes nearly half an hour to go round the wheel. It has 28 air conditioned capsules capable of holding 28 passengers.

7. Little India Singapore:

Little India Singapore Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

The sight of this place fills you with memories and images of India. The small stalls selling fish, fresh fruits, several food items, utensils etc reminds you and takes you to the glimpses. The small shops of clothes, shoes and decorative items all can be found in this one place popularly known as “little India Singapore”. This is like street market with several dizzy choices at a very cheap price. The exciting feature of this place is ‘Sri Srinivala Perumal Temple’, a beautiful and shrine monument of earlier times. Several restaurants and traditional shops have its own charm in the north of Kampong Glam.

6. Boat Quay and Clarke Quay:

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

It is the place which is located along the river side and gives a panoramic view of Singapore. This place is the amalgamation of several places like pubs, clubs, and restaurants. People usually visit this place to refresh and rejuvenate themselves from their hectic schedule with their families or friends. It becomes the common party place for youngsters as this provide loud music from light jazz to them, drinks and all the facilities they require. The night atmosphere here in Boat Quay and Clarke Quay fully crowded and mixture of music, dance drinks, dinners takes one to the some other world letting one to forget all the worries and anxiety.

5. The Esplanade:

The Esplanade Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

It is extensively large cultural complex that has concert halls, a grand well maintained library, recital halls. This is named as Esplanade due to its attractive promenades, a large path for walking around the sea. This is located along the waterside with many restaurants having wide range of food variety available whether it is an Asian or American cuisine. It usually housed various orchestra and exhibitions. It is also used as a platform for individual band performances. It has an open food court named as ‘Makansutra’ known for its food quality and reasonable prices.

4. Marine Bay Sands:

Marine Bay Sands Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

If you are looking for amalgamation of luxury and comfort at one place then this is the best place to visit in SingaporeMarine Bay is a paradise and treasure trove resort located in Marine Bay area. It came into existence in April 2010. It is among the top two integrated resort which along with Singapore Flyer, Botanic Garden makes Singapore a tourist attraction. This large and well maintained resort encompasses all the luxuries from casino, pubs, pool to restaurant, hotel, cafe etc. There is a place named Food Kiosk where one can easily find traditional dishes of London, Indian dishes, local flavoured roasted chicken, sandwiches etc. This also embodies one of the famous Shopping Malls with variety of different retailers and restaurants. This made it a biggest Shopping Centre for local people.

3. Singapore Zoo:

Singapore Zoo Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

Singapore zoo is the most renowned and well known tourist attractions and most significantly built for animal lovers. It has thousands of animal species which are rare and the unique feature of every animal is simply loved by children. It has many different and incredible rides for both young and old people. A special vehicle is also available for kids play Rainforest Kidzworld. It is also known as ‘Mandai Zoo’. It is expanded widely over 28 hectares with green lush environment. It is the symbol of conservation education and has won many awards due to its extensive wildlife preserving capability.  This zoo houses 1000 of animals and is an open zoo i.e. a part of Night Safari.

2. Singapore Science Centre:

Singapore Science Centre Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

Singapore Science Centre has been recognized as the best place for Science expertise and young minds. This place is divided into parts: Science Centre and Omni theatre. Science Centre includes 850 interactive rides that stimulate our minds and describes the wonders of Science. This has much scientific stuff that explains everything for us and also allows us to perform our experiments. It has several exhibitions including Da Vinci exhibition also and also showcase many preserved bodies for experiments. Omni theatre is a grand theatre with dome like screen, which distinguishes it from other theatres and hence made it a part of Singapore Science Centre. This theatre uses advanced iMax Technology. One needs three hours to explore Science Centre and another one hour to explore several gift shops.

1.       Singapore National Museum:

Singapore National Museum Top 10 Must Visit Tourist Destinations in Singapore

This national museum is the oldest museum which represents each artifacts of history. It not only redefines the cultural heritage and harmony but also distinguishes itself from the festivals and occasions that inculcates a creative power and innovative ideas among the visitors. It is built along the one side of Fort Canning Park. This museum helps us to built and learn about Singapore’s traditions and culture heritage. Many exhibitions related to food, fashion, films, and paintings made this museum more unique. It also showcases several statues, idols, utensils of Maharaja’s times. One must need three hours to explore this. This museum is designed by keeping spirit of innovation in mind.