Prime Ten Destinations For 2017


Here at Concept Travel, we are committed to top destination causation you on a watch gap, boundary pushing, luxurious trip to recollect. With new destinations perpetually gap their doors to the person, our bucket list appears to be obtaining longer by the minute. therefore to assist you place your own listing so as, we’ve got copied the world and selected our prime ten destinations for 2013. browse below for why these destinations create our list and why you ought to be visiting them currently, before the crowds get there.

Sri Lanka


Hit tragically by a moving ridge and torn by war, a lot of of state has been tough to go to as an area including a traveler. currently the conflict is over and far of the coast has been restored there are new flight routes, new properties cropping up everywhere the island (especially within the capital and also the East coast) creating 2013 the time to induce earlier than the crowds. A lush tropical island with nothing below it however the massive expanse of the ocean, state may be a hive of energy. Visit fifth century fortresses, find out about the country’s fascinating culture and beliefs within the Cultural Triangle, head landlocked to the breath-taking Tea Country, reach south east to the untouched and freshly rising beaches and hunting expedition national parks all before taking within the coast from Tangalle to Galle.  And did we tend to mention that it’s doable to ascertain an elephant and a baleen whale within the same day?  Bucket-list, check. With new dress shop hotels and visitor-friendly roads taking drugs all the time, Sri Lanka is that the ideal destination for those searching for a culture like India’s while not the large cities and long train journeys.

Ladakh, India


Ladakh is one in every of the few places on earth that remains just about untouched and undiscovered. It’s one in every of India’s best unbroken secrets that we tend to can’t facilitate however allow you to in on. get pleasure from the calm serenity of the recent mountain air while not a care within the world and wander through the traditional hills on a trans-Himalayan voyage of discovery through this majestic land. The phrase, ‘Journey of a Lifetime’, is far quoted however it rarely applies to a journey higher than the Trans Himalayan Expedition from city to Srinagar. it’s seemingly the best journey that you just will undertake on you own. From begin to complete there’s exciting scenery, made flavours of India, wonderful roads and distinctive experiences. On double the road climbs to over 5,000 meters (16,404ft) high and for entire days you’ll be at 4,000 meters (13,123ft). whereas the air is skinny, the consequences of altitude are muted by you being in a very vehicle and not eager to exert yourself. You drive a number of the best motorable passes within the world and appearance down onto lush or arid plains and mountains in equal live. This uncommon and delightful sudden road trip through Ladakh helps you to escape to the unknown valleys and villages of the Indus vale – the proper 2013 escape.



The Philippines – a nation created of over 7,000 islands, wherever each is caressed by calm, turquoise waters and blissfully white sandy shores, it’s a coastal paradise. however there’s a lot of to the present fascinating country than simply wonderful beaches, that’s if you recognize wherever to seem. therefore allow us to take you to Palawan, a trifle proverbial region wherever you’ll hang around with the charming locals at active markets, meet ancient rain forest tribes within the depth of the jungle, and skill its weird and wondrous life. Palawan contains a heap of picturesque sites that are found obscurity else within the world and with a world that’s nearly entirely mapped, we tend to enjoy still finding the weird and sudden places out there. it’s one in every of the Philippines’ best destinations in our minds – magnificently proverbial for its famous underground stream, unspoiled white-sand beaches, and made marine creatures.  With close Thailand and Dutch East Indies hot on any tourists measuring instrument, in Palawan forget mass-market or luxury retreats; assume participating eco-resorts, lovely dress shop hotels, village homestays and a few of the simplest skin-dive anyplace. within the past restricted flights, tough internal transport, a scarcity of infrastructure have place us off – not currently. now’s the time to travel.



With European town breaks therefore omnipresent it may be exhausting to come back up inspirationally for a protracted weekend away. The answer? Look on the far side Europe for a few incredible, preternatural destinations that you just will discover in exactly a couple of days. And in our opinion the last word short break destination is Namibia. the intense north-west of Namibia is one in every of the foremost good and feral locations on earth, giving a very extraordinary travel expertise, and therefore the Skeleton Coast is its most extreme region. Here you’ll realize a number of the harshest scenery on the earth, with landscapes nearer to satellite conditions than anyplace within the world. Miles from civilisation and as way as you’ll get from the hustle and bustle of traditional routine, lies the luxurious rooms of the Skeleton Coast Camp, the sole building within the 300,000 hectares of personal concession space. within the course of your short break you’ll visit sand dunes, large plains and saltpans not like something you’ve ever witnessed. You’ll climb big wind-carved dunes in a very 4×4, and hear them ‘roar’ as you founder the opposite facet, to seek out the spectral shipwrecks that dot the ill-famed lineation. For more exploration visit springbuck, ostrich and 3.5-metre-long crocodiles by foot or boat and see canyons, gorges and sweeping dunes by quad bike. With 2013 all regarding enhancing the expertise, creating the foremost of it slow off and stretching your imagination – no different long-weekend destination offers such a lot journey in such an out of this world setting. this can be beyond question one in every of the simplest African experiences we’ve got ever seen.

Northern Lights Iceland


The ultimate ‘must do’ on each wander-lusting travellers’ bucket-list, The aurora borealis or northern lights as scientifically proverbial are one in every of nature’s most jaw-dropping spectacles. That’s if you recognize wherever to hunt them down. Here’s the secret: next year it with great care happens that during this region of Iceland you’ve got the best probability of observance the aurora borealis as they illuminate the star stippled sky. And that’s not all; this winter season of 2012/2013 is one in every of the simplest years for seeing the lights in recent history.  And here’s our 2013 secret to visualize the lights at their scientific max – within the lovely Icelandic country, simply one or two of hours from national capital aerodrome is edifice Rangá. Set amongst the southern landscapes of this dramatic country, Rangá is within the excellent location for the simplest sightings of the elusive nonetheless equally spectacular aurora borealis.  And from one cranky reason to a monetary one, the currency crash – that effectively debased the króna by seventy fifth – conjointly helped create a visit far more favourable to the billfold. because the international economy starts to heal, costs are rise over again. The spoils of Iceland aren’t any longer a secret, however they’re still yours for the taking – and in 2013 you’ll still be earlier than the curve.

New Zealand, Cook StraightCOOK STRAIGHT, NEW ZEALAND

We really are spoilt for selection in New island. Awe exalting mountain landscapes, glaciers, fjords, crystal clear water, world category vineyards and natural wonders around each corner might keep you reaching for your camera for months at a time, however the bays and cities close the Cook Straight are a requirement for 2013. picture road-trips have forever been the simplest thanks to in camera explore a number of the world’s greatest wonders and therefore the Cook Straight is our favorite decide for next year. therefore hop in your automobile and drive the coast from Palliser Bay and its remote operating sheep stations to Hawkes Bay to like a number of New Zealand’s best coastal lodges and pristine beaches. while not after all forgetting the journey hot spot of full admiral for adventures bemused or by air together with your personal eggbeater dropping you at a number of the foremost remote spots in island. All landscapes deserve a blockbuster moving-picture show solid.  Did somebody say Avatar and therefore the Hobbit? We’ll see you there James Cameron.


Naples, Italy

Is Napoli frozen in a very gilded past or shaping a replacement identity as Italy’s most vibrantly authentic (and undiscovered) city? The answer: each. Napoli is a lot of typically than not unnoticed by travellers but it’s been on our measuring instrument for a trifle whereas and with ground Cup 2013 returning to Napoli next year then the focus will actually air this unimaginable town.  Lesser proverbial than Rome and Florence, this Italian destination is hot for 2013. a recent and historic art scene (less the crowds of its sister galleries and museums in Florence), indulgent history (of city and Mount Vesuvius to contend with the Pantheon and Vatican) and celebrated restaurants and secret hole within the wall gastronome delights, this can be the best mixture of Italia recent and new. therefore whether or not you’re at the moment gastronome fix (it is that the home of pizza pie when all), a cultural enlightenment of Italia’s lovely past as you wander place del Plebiscito or a fuddle on the coast because the Americas Cup (April 2013) brings the Tyrrhenian Coast to life (we’re talking all night DJ sessions as Nabilah or Arenile) then this can be the twist on an Italy as you recognize it.

Papua New Guinea


Reacting against the globalized ‘world of the instant’, 2013 goes to visualize us come back to our travel roots. compounding credibleness with comfort while following that attained expertise are some things 2013 goes to ascertain lots of from Concept Travel. the globe might are discovered however such a lot of it hasn’t been absolutely explored. Papua New Guinea personifies this approach to travel in 2013.  Take heed: this trip that may take you way, remote the crushed path and into Papua New Guinea’s unchartered tropical jungles. The trip is of the Bruce Barry college of travel and not for the faint of heart. Bypass the Kokodo Trail; we’ve got an excellent a lot of exciting challenge: the Baining Mountain trek. A way less damaged path, you’ll experience remote villages, crossing gorges, building rafts, and sleeping in ancient homes. this can be no go into the park – the piece of land is improbably raw and varied: grasslands, rainforest, cloud forest, canyons and engaging WW2 relics. actually one in every of our last frontiers. this can be an exclusive chance to witness tightlipped communities and ancient ceremonies like Sing-Sings, fireplace Dances of the Bainings and therefore the Duk-Duks dance of the Tolais. You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful palm-fringed beach as you emerge from the path wherever you’ll go far ocean shark diving. The diving here is really untouched and spectacular: excellent blue waters abundant with tropical fish, cute pygmy seahorses and sea wolf whales.



Looking for consecutive hip place in South America with an all-year-round party ambience full of authentic culture? Look no more than the freshly rising urban hot-spot, the Peruvian capital capital of Peru.  Forget the chaotic crowds of the Rio de Janeiro carnival, the active streets of capital of Colombia and head to wherever the party is actually happening . With a cultural backbone to rival the other South Washington, capital of Peru is quick changing into the gastronome capital and culinary art heart of the south. this can be the contagiously social, see-and-be-seen gastronome scene for 2013. With street food to rival Asia and nonetheless new and established restaurants to rival Europe this can be the attend place in 2013 to tickle the tastebuds.  2013 is all regarding doing because the locals do (after all, we tend to all hate to desire a traveller in any country) and we’ve interviewed, questioned and re-questioned all locals to seek out out wherever their secret attend eat spots are.  From Miraflores to Surquillo we all know wherever all the gastronome boroughs are. and therefore the best bit, capital of Peru is that the entranceway to the afraid vale of the Incas, Machu Picchu and town wherever you’ll set eyes on a number of the world’s most historical archaeologic ruins. a rustic choked with food, culture, richness, heat and charm, its beauty ne’er fails to mystify.

narphu valley nepal


You are certain to recognize people that have trekked the Nepalese highlands, however what number have ventured to the “hidden valley”? a vicinity that till recently had been closed to trekkers. This has got to be one in every of our most fun picks of 2013 for its isolated setting trailing off from the crushed track. Off the legendary Annapurna Circuit, sadly referred to as the “coca cola” circuit, stems a path marked “off limits”. you’ll but have each the special allow and registered guide to achieve you entry and lead the manner. The vale remains untouched by trendy life owner-occupied solely by the endemic communities of Nar and Phu. The trek is certain to push your boundaries and guarantees to administer you a number of the foremost spectacular views of a period of time.