Graffiti on Actual Monuments -Defacing Our Heritage


India is an incredible land; presented with serene beauty, variety, various culture and attractive heritage sites which offer North American nation probability to peek into our wealthy past once mighty rulers accustomed rule this country. However, these days the testimonies of past are underneath serious threats, not solely attributable to momentousness time and natural climatically however conjointly attributable to our mindless graffiti that a number of North American nation write of the walls of those cherished monuments.

Save indian heritage monuments

The graffiti on the historical monuments are the results of slaphappy traveling, unfitness, and lack of awareness and to not forget the mental object of concern authority. Tourists and native guests without showing responsibility graven their names, numbers and write love & hate stories with details on monuments. could also be such reckless behavior offer the pleasure for shorter amount, however it causes permanent injury to the country’s proud heritage structures.

Leave the historical mammoth subject field wonders, they even don’t’ spare the trees standing close or within the gardens of the monument complicated. The trunks of the trees ar usually seen scored with heart image, names and such alternative ridiculous things. the continual scratching of trunks offer the simple passage to the important fluids of the tree that would leave them dry, effects the expansion and even could lead on to death of trees. These trees could also be as recent as monument or perhaps older so, become a significant a part of history however the slaphappy behavior of traveling is inflicting irreversible damages on them likewise

Indian Monuments Graffiti

In the quick growing age of developed technology nearly each tourer carries the digital cameras however our age recent rules within the name of securing monuments does not enable guests to clicks photos at some historical sites but, however may they enable a bunch of few idiots to carve on invaluable heritage.

Foreign tourer visit our country to envision the wonder of this nation, they usually get spellbound by the views of harking back to past however conjointly get irked by the people that write graffiti on monuments.  It’s time for North American nation to assume – what the image folks these tourer take, maybe or can be of “irresponsible individuals destroying ancient heritage sites”. Overall, the poor mental attitude of attachment hampers the “Incredible Indiaimage of this nice nation.

Graffiti on Historical Monuments

It is necessary to become accountable travelers; As Indian individuals we have a tendency to should respect our heritage sites and have to be compelled to perceive their values. the safety division of ASI ought to be strict with offenders. Then solely we have a tendency to can be ready to defend monuments and project the grandeur of Asian country in overseas destinations deeply.

“Be a accountable somebody. Don’t Destroy Heritage Monuments with Graffiti”