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Bhopal, Are you ready for adventure sports this vacation? Let’s have some fun!

Is you hunger for adventure still unfulfilled…? If it is so, then this is for you..! We present you the two best places in the vicinity of Bhopal, which are just more than perfect for adventure lovers. All that you have to do is book your accommodation well in advance in one of the best hotels in Bhopal, get prepared for the adventure and head out for these places.


Situated in the Sehore forest division of Veerpura range, Kathikoya has a dense forest cover and rich sources of flora and fauna. The topography of this place is tailor made for adventure sports and. This place also has incredible archeological and historical importance. It preserves rock shelters and paintings which are 20,000 years old. Talking about the beauty of the nature here, it is truly unmatched. Dense forests, age old rock shelters, hills and valleys mark the beauty of this place. Irrespective of your age group, this place has anything and everything which can amaze you.

Adventure sports:

Nothing can stop you from being adventurous when you are at Kathotiya. A few of the activities, which you can do as a part of your adventure trip, are as follows:

  • Cycling, ropewalking and rappelling can let you feel the real fun.
  • Alpine tents are set in the open forest exclusive for you..! Your camping here shall remain as one of the better experiences you can have.
  • Trekking through the pre historic rock paintings can take you back to time.
  • Witness the richness of the wildlife present in the forest. You can also see the animals like tiger, wild boar, sambar, jackal etc.

How to reach…?

Kathotiya is situated just 30 kilometers away from Bhopal and so it is easily accessible. When you think about the nearest airport and the railway station to this place, the only answer is “Bhopal”. When you are taking the roadway, look out for the stone signboards indicating you the directions to Kathotiya.


When you feel like having a perfect blend of adventure and recreation, it’s time to visit Kerwa. It has turned out to be a favorite destination for captivating explorers, nature lovers and for people who love to experience adventure. The jungle camp experience in Kerwa steals your heart for sure. It is the home for hundreds of rare bird species. It’s the best spot to recreate and rejuvenate.

Activities to do:

  • Bird watching is one of the best things you can ever do in Kerwa.
  • Start trekking all the way to Kerwa dam.
  • Have some fun trying out river crossing, rappelling and paintball.
  • Never miss out the sky zipping in this one of the longest twin zip line.

Travel tips:

  • Feel the nature as you enter this place. Let the visuals and sounds of nature reach directly to your heart.
  • Needless to say that you have to bring a camera with you to capture these precious moments.
  • Gearing up in a pair of good walking shoes is mandatory.

One of the most reputed hotels of the city, WelcomHeritage Noor-Us-Sahab hotel Bhopal provides you with the best accommodation and helps you out in planning your trip for the above places.

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