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Top 5 Places to Visit in Sunderban

Sunderban is the world’s largest mangrove forest. This we know since school time. But to explore the natural beauty of this place visit it once. Here you can see the roaring Royal Bengal Tigers, winding waterways, and aquatic lives. If you are in love with nature Sunderbans offers you a delightful holiday.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Sunderban

1. Sunderban National Park

Let’s begin with the famous one. Since 1987, Sunderban National Park is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Mainly it is a reserve of Tigers. You can enjoy the boat safari to explore this place. Your boat will sail through the zigzag waterways surrounded by trees. The best time to visit here is between the months from September to March.

2. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

For bird watchers, this place is a paradise. Here you can spot over 200 species of birds. This place is home to sandpipers, plovers, kingfishers, herons and much more. There is a watch tower. Step up and enjoy the magnificent beauty of birds.

3. Netidhopani

Netidhopani is a picturesque location of Sunderban. It has a watch tower, offering tourists the views of a ruined ancient Shiva temple. This 400 years old temple is a popular pilgrimage place. People from far-flung places visit this place.You can also see rich species of flora and fauna from the watch tower.

4. Gangasagar

It is an island in the Ganges Delta. This place is a prominent pilgrimage for Hindus. During Makar Sankranti lakhs of devotees flocks here taking the holy dip in River Ganga. Every year a fair is held, many tourists come to Gangasagar, especially to visit this fair.

5. Kanak

A sanctuary beach in Sunderban, hosts Olive Ridley Turtles. These turtles move to the coastal waters of Kanak covering a long distance. Here they stay to breed during December to March. They are not just one or two in number. They come in a large number.Visitors come here to see the presence of rare Olive Ridley Turtles.

Visiting only Suderban National Park won’t justify your holiday. Have fun at the above-listed places too, other than National Park.

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