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Top 5 Bird Watching Spot in India

Bird watching has become a popular hobby among many of us. Perhaps the reason behind this is the extinction stage of many species. Another possible fact is the pollution of cities, birds need fresh air and green trees. Watching beautiful and rare birds can actually make a person happy. Their different color, features, and activities are worth watching. They can keep you spellbound.

If watching birds interests you, here are 5 places where you can go for it.

Top 5 Bird Watching Spot in India

1. Kumaon Forest –

The forest of Kumaon with Oak, pine and deodar trees, is home to many beautiful birds. You can see large species of birds over here. Be it the tiny flycatchers or the pheasants and magpies. You can capture them all through your eyes.

2. Kerala-

In this state there are many places to witness the magnificent beauty of birds. Wayanad, Munnar, Kumarakom, and Parambikulam are the major place to watch birds. Come during the mild winter season, Kerala hosts many migratory birds during this time.

3. Kanha Forest –

Here bird watching needs patience. Inside the forest, it is difficult to spot any of them. Come out to the open grassland. Here you can see them. You can click pictures of an amazing natural view with a village near to it.

4. Kutch –

Wondering why birds would come to an arid region? It is interesting to note, here a large species of birds live. You can get a view of larks, pipits, wheat eaters and many other. Going ahead you will come to deep blue Chari Dand Lake. Be ready to see flocks of common cranes going to take rest at night.

5. Pulicat Lake-

Pulicat is a salt water lake on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Be attentive and ready with your binoculars to see moorhens, swamp hens, curlews, godwits, and sandpipers. If lucky enough you may see flamingos, arriving at a very specific spot in the area.

Pack your bags with good quality binoculars, it will help you to witness the beauty.

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