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Soak in the Soul Stirring Beauty of Dalhousie

Of old world appeal, hills and crests, and delectable greens all around – these are the things that Dalhousie is essentially famous by. Himachal’s most dearest Dalhousie, is additionally the most less frequented destination in North India, and in this manner is an immense break for those looking for a serene getaway from the disarray and commotion of the occupied life. The charms of Dalhousie will, without a doubt, take your breaths away!

Forget siffling through the boring Dalhousie packages, and look at these highlights of the beautiful town of Dalhousie that can actually add a great deal of breaths into your life, in spite of losing some while on the trip. Literally!


Chamera Lake – 25 km from Dalhousie, and at a stature of 1700 m, Chamera Lake is a reservoir framed by the Chamera Dam that serves as the principle wellspring of water to encompassing towns. Aside from being a noteworthy water source to the general population around, Chamera Lake gives incredible recreational alternatives like boating, angling, fishing, and so on.


Kalatop – This “White Town” of Dalhousie is secured with snow consistently. The best way to explore this place is by walking, since vehicles can’t cross a specific gateway to Kalatop because of snow. You can have a genuine quiet time here, appreciating the boundless white extends of snow which on occasion are five feet deep!


Diankund – Settled at a stature of 2755 meters, this is the most noteworthy mountain crest in Dalhousie, and from here you can appreciate stunning viewpoints of the valleys and all encompassing perspectives of Dalhousie. You can also trek and appreciate the windy trees singing their own tune.

3. Shenbaga Falls

Satdhara Falls – The Satdhara Falls are located at an elevation of 2036 m above sea level and are the most frequented spot in Dalhousie by local people and travelers. The falls get their name from the 7 wonderful springs that are accepted to have restorative properties because of the presence of mica in them. Take a serene walk around this zone for a restoring session.


Subhash Baoli – This lasting spring, named after the great freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose, has restorative properties and as indicated by legends, this very spring cured the hero of his sickness. Inundated by towering trees, this spot in Dalhousie is a perfect spot to sit, unwind and admire the great points of view of the snow topped peaks around.


Khajjiar – Known as the Switzerland of India, Khajjiar is a little hill station in Chamba locale, found 24 km from Dalhousie. At first sight, this spot may show up as though straight from the choicest accumulation of a privileged painter, who painted everything green with a salubrious mountain background. This spot is a rejuvenating hub for campers and trekkers.


Bakrota Hills – For a stroll around the hills, while soaking up on the wondrous perspectives of the snow clad peaks around, head to Bakrota Hills. The air around this spot is so refreshing that a short trek to this point can do you gigantic great. The sole motivation behind going by Bakrota Hills ought to be to loosen up in the sublime points of view of nature.

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