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Mangalore Tourism – Travelling The Best Attractions Of The Port City

A coastal town perfect for letting your hair down, Mangalore is a pleasant place to break from a monotonous life cycle. There’s not much to do in the place apart from having a feel of exploring an offbeat destination and relishing some spice laden seafood which is quite astounding. Let’s explore this enchanting land known for its glorious history and fabulous tourist attractions.


Mangalore’s name is derived from a regional Goddess, Mangaladevi. Today, though it is a bustling port city overlooking the Arabian Sea, Mangalore is able to retain its old world charm. The city is also the largest coffee and cashew producer in the country. Culturally, the city of Mangalore has yielded many cultural wonders in the form of classical music and dance forms. Yakshagana, a classical dance drama which is performed for an entire night, originate here. Pili Vesha or the tiger dance also originated here, and is performed during the festival Dusshera and Krishna Janmashtami.

Mangalore was a major international trade route in the medieval ages. Its ports were used not only by the regional kings and traders but it also formed a gateway for merchants coming from the Middle East and European countries. Mangalore, along with Mumbai and Goa was an important commercial centre on the eastern shores and still manages to be that. During the 16th and 17th centuries, Mangalore also became an important centre of Portuguese trade and commerce, until the British invaded a century after.

Nonetheless, the city is one of the most scenic locations in the southern part of the country. The city is situated on the confluence of Netravati and Gurpur rivers and an important center of commercial activities in the region. The coastal town is strategically located with an abundance of physical beauty. The relaxing surroundings of Mangalore will definitely make up for a delighting holiday. Wonderful destinations like Ooty, Gokarna, and Coorg are some of the nearby places that you can explore along with the wonders of Mangalore. You can easily take a Mangalore to Coorg taxi or a bus to Gokarna to reach these destinations.

Mangalore is a land of clear winding roads, picturesque households, fringes of coconut trees by the backwaters and pristine beaches. On a normal day you can enjoy a relaxing holiday by the beach and explore the temples and churches or even delve into the gastronomical ride of a lifetime. Some of the major tourist attraction in the city includes Kadri Manjunath temple, which is situated on the hills of Kadri. The magnificent temple was built in the 10th century and was later converted into a stone monument in the 14th century. The Bejai museum is government managed and showcases a collection of some of the best artifacts and ancient heritage of the place. Catholicism is one of the major religions in Mangalore and its arrival dates back with the onset of the Portuguese in the 16th century. The famous St. Aloysius Church which attracts tourists with its amazing architecture and the Roman architectural designed Milagres Church are some of the best examples of Christian influence in the city.

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