Kashmir Tours: All About Adventure Activities


The mountain retreat of Jammu and Kashmir is studded with geographical splendors; on one side it is crowned by the Lesser Himalayan range of mountains, on the other there is Jhelum Valley and the Indus Valley forms its third end.  It is the town which became a summer escape for great Mughal Emperors and was the ultimate abode of Buddhist lamas for its angelic beauty and tranquil environs were invariably soothing.  Kashmir tours also offer a set of unique opportunities to enjoy several sports and adventure activities amid invigorating surroundings.  Comfortable climate, lush panorama echoing sounds of wind coming from forest of chinar and pine trees make tours to Kashmir the ultimate platform for indulging in an array of adventure and sports activities.While on Kashmir tours the forms of activities and sports one can indulge into are:Golfing in KashmirThe verdant golf course at Srinagar is renowned destination for golfing tournaments in the country; one can enjoy playing golf here without worrying about climate troubles or getting tired amid lush golf course.  Gulmarg Golf Course in Kashmir is incredibly situated at an altitude of 2650 m and is the highest green golf course in the world.  Some other famous golf courses in the region are Kashmir Golf Club and Royal Springs Golf Course. Skiing For A SportAll adventure sports enthusiasts are thrilled by the sheer thought of skiing in the majestic Himalayas and this is possible at the skiing courses in Kashmir.  First established by British rulers in the year 1927, Gulmarg is the best skiing resort in Himalayas and is also one of the highest lift-served ski resorts in whole of the world.  It is also the venue for the fourth and fifth editions of the National Wnter Games and thus continues to compel adventure sports lovers to opt for Kashmir tours for their vacations.Enthralling Trekking/Mountaineering CircuitsThe state of Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with varied terrain creating paradoxes with its alpine pastures in Jammu and Kashmir and barren wastelands and rugged topography of Ladakh.  Treks in Kashmir are mainly focused on the pristine lakes while those in Ladakh are filled with real adventure on rugged Himalayan terrain.  Ladakh’s endless glaciers and lofty peaks offer some of the finest trekking routes.  Mountaineers too have enormous options to practice their sport in the presence of mighty Himalayan ranges such as Pir Panjal, Great Himalayas and others including Zanskar and Karakoram mountain ranges.White Water RaftingAdrenaline rush reaches its zenith with white water rafting in Kashmir.  This adventure sport can be played on the exhilarated waters of lidder, Sindh and Zanskar in Kashmir.  The icy waters of these water-bodies will indeed throw chill down your back and yet the sport is made most secure with experts vigilance and top-safety measures making it enjoyable even for amateurs.All this and many more adventure and sports activity define an exhilarating façade of Kashmir tours. Other than being a soothing and blissful abode of Mother Nature and being home to several holy shrines, Kashmir also proves its might at adventure activities making it a worth visit for those adventure lovers too.

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