Climate of Kerala


kerala climet

Kerala is a small country in the southwest corner of india with the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea washing its shores and is uniform climate, which varies from season to season. The Western Ghats on the east side of the road after the fall of the southwest monsoon, creating two main climate zones, one with abundant rainfall on the wind side and a dry zone on the leeward side to the east.

kerala climet

Kerala climate can be divided roughly into three main categories. From February to May, the summer climate and is usually hot and humid. In the southwest monsoon begins in June and continue until mid-October or early November. This season, it is a fairly good rainfall without a break. This is followed by good weather in December and January. Although the northeast monsoons but not a storm with rain and extended until the month of February. However, these spells of rain does not last long, but the weather becomes very humid. The mountain chains, the heavy fog since April.

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Kerala has a moderate and balanced climate throughout the year. Even at the peak of monsoons, the temperature rarely dips below a pleasant 18 °. It has a warm and welcoming tropical monsoon climate with seasonal heavy rains. The peak of the tourist season and the best time to visit the area is from September to February. During the summer months are hot and humid with average temperatures around 33 ° C max.

Blessed with plentiful rain, the southwest monsoon and bring rains Edavappathi between June and September and the northeast monsoon or Thulavarsham during October-December. The total annual rainfall in the country varies from 380 cm above the extreme northern parts to about 180 cm in the south. Precipitation falls to the south almost in proportion to the reduction in the amount of the Western Ghats. July receives the most rainfall, count to around 25 rainy days, calculated from all meteorological centers in the region.


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