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Best 6 Places to Visit in Vellore

Vellore has a distinct of place in Indian History. The Pallavas, The Cholas, Vijayanagar kingdom, Carnatic Empire and the British ruled this place. This is the reason behind its cultural heritage. You can visit various forts, temples and other tourist attractions for a vacation in Vellore. Here is the list of places that you can explore.

Best 6 Places to Visit in Vellore

1. Vellore Fort-

Built in Vijayanagar Empire in 16th century AD by Aravindu Dynasty, the ownership passed on to other leading dynasties in the city. The Marathas, Bijapur Sultans, the Carnatic Nawabs and the British were its ruler one by one. It is famous as the prison to Tipu Sultan’s family and last king of Sri Lanka by Britishers. Also, Inside the fort there is Church, Temple, and a Mosque, speaking its history.

2. Jalakandeswarar Temple-

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is there in the Vellore fort complex. Here you can see the art of Dravidian architecture. The stone pillars of this temple are beautifully carved. Also, It has traditional 7 tiered gopurams with amazing carve art.

3. Srilakshmi Golden Temple-

This temple has location in the Sripuram town of Vellore and is famous with another name- Lakshmi Narayani temple. The spellbound art of this temple is visible through its whole structure with the coating of the Gold leaf. 1500 kilograms of god has been used for it. It is a modern era’s architectural excellence.

4. Vainu Bappu Observatory –

It is a sci-fi place and Situated at an altitude of 700 meters, it is an astronomical observatory or you can say the Telescope city. Spread over 100-acre forest land, it possesses a 93-inch telescope, making it the largest in Asia. Also, It is famous for many scientific discoveries.

5. Yelagiri-

A small hill station at 1410 meters above sea level is another attraction of Vellore. Walk around the green tea estates and orchards. Tourist throng can be seen at various lakes and waterfalls in Yelagiri. However, Here you can do Paragliding and rock climbing for adventure.

6. Delhi Gate-

You might be thinking what this Delhi gate is doing in the list. Well, this Delhi Gate is located in Vellore, one of the most important historical monuments in Tamil Nadu. In the 18th century, this gate was entrance to the fort built by Daulat Khan Panni, a governor of Mughal Empire. This site has seen many battles.
Finally, With historical facts and amazing architecture, Vellore is among the rich cultural heritage place of India. Witness the above-listed beauty by visiting Vellore.

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