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7 Hidden and Beautiful Lakes Of North India

Beautiful Lakes are always in the favorite list to visit. With its glorifying beauty, it attracts people. Likewise, there are many hidden Lakes amidst The Great Himalayas. Surrounded by hills, these lakes change color according to the sky’s color during sunrise and sunset. You can just sit beside the lake, inhaling fresh air and feeling the magnificent aura. Here is the list of lakes.

7 Beautiful Lakes Of North India

1. Nako Lake

At an elevation of 3,662 meters, this lake is in Hangrang Valley of Kinnaur district. It is near to Indo-China border. You can start with a small trek to the mountains behind the lake. From the top of the mountain, you can see the wide lake. Go on a walk to the nearby village. The evening becomes special after seeing the magical sunset view over snow covered peaks.

2. Chandra Tal

Surrounded by the snow capped peaks and green pasture land, this lake is at the altitude of about 4300 meters in Spiti. You can go by driving from Kaza to Kunzum Pass. Going ahead from Pass is little difficult for ordinary drivers. Trekking for a kilometer you can reach the lake. Adding to your excitement you can do an overnight camping.

3.Suraj Tal

Third highest lake in India, it gets water from the glaciers originating in the Baralacha Pass. This Lake is 3 km before Baralacha Pass. June is the best time to visit, the half frozen lake looks like crystal in this month.

4. Dhankar LakeĀ 

People usually come back after visiting Dhankar. Very few know about the Dhankar lake on the other side of the mountain. To reach here you will have to do half-an-hour trekking. It looks like a scenery, with the surrounding of snowy peaks and village. You can enjoy camping over here, in the wide space around the lake.

5. Prashar Lake

Surrounded by the snow-capped Dhauladhar ranges of Kullu Valley, this lake is like a saucer in shape. There is one interesting fact about this lake. In the lake, there is a small floating island. It keeps on floating and changing position at regular intervals.The best time to be here is Monsoon. You will get to see green pasture land. In case you want snows, visit in winter.

6.Tso Kar

The smallest lake on high altitudes, it is at Rupshu Valley. A layer of salt gets deposited around it, giving it another name- White Lake. Human habitation is rarely visible. Mainly, its a habitat for black-necked crane, Kiang, Tibetan gazelles, Tibetan wolves, foxes, and marmots. If lucky enough, you can see them.

7. Deoria TalĀ 

It is a freshwater lake with lush green beauty and snow-wearing mountains as a fantastic view. It is an ideal place for camping.

Do not forget to keep your trekking shoes. Remember most of them are reachable through trekking.

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