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Top 6 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon is the time for rejoicing and entertainment generally for the newly married couple. The time spent together should strengthen the bonding of your marriage.  So, the Romantic Honeymoon Destinations you choose should be accordingly soothing, peaceful, full of entertainment, and romance. The place requires no interference. Hence, I have come up with the Ten most exotic places matching your needs exactly! Check out right place for your spouse, right here.

Goa- The Land of Beaches()

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

This stunning place will be a perfect choice for Romantic Honeymoon Destinations ! The one stop shopping place for the shopping spree at the Panaji, the churches and temples, the nightlife at Calangute, the exotic beaches of Candolim, and the romantic gardens at Vasco DA Gama is only going to enhance your love for each other. The state gives enough space for you to live up the show in each other’s arms.

Agra- The History of Love

The historical city where the world famous monument, the Taj Mahal is located, is your place! Build up the love marvelling at  the  white marbles, be inspired by the love of Shah Jahan for his Mumtaz Begum, and click dozens of snaps together. The place is full of monuments and museums and the Makhbaras that will enthrall you. The peace and the sweet tone of the dwellers of the city will only bring love to your heart.

Nainital- The Land of Seven Hills(Romantic Honeymoon Destinations)

This place has been at the heart of several, since long. The place is situated in the Kumaon Hills and several other hills together. The lakes and high rising waterfalls will leave you aghast! Come close to each other at one of the best honeymoon spots in india. The Naini Peak, Tiffin Top, the Nainital Lake and others wills surely take your heart away. It’s the best place to enjoy and romance.

Sikkim- The Land of Cottages

To reach this place, you need to take a train from the Jalpaiguri. Play with the snowballs and warm each other in this ever cold area. The one stop shopping place for the winter garments and artifacts. The Buddhist monks and nuns have settled in this region even today, unlike other parts of India. The cottages at the edge of the mountains and the passes will only  increase your adrenaline rush!  Wander the places with your spouse and have dozens of adventure together. Enjoy the bonfires and the temples of this pleasant land.

Rishikesh – The Land of Adventures

You must have heard a lot about this place. The rock climbing and river rafting between the dangerous river rocks and waves here has been mouth aghasting. People from all over India have this place at the top of their wish list. Make your spouse, excited and fond of adventures, asking for more. Splash the cold water over each other and enjoy the beautiful expressions. You might certainly be forced to confess your love for each other, amazed by the beauty of this place.

Jim Corbett National Park- The Jungle Book.

You can never say no to the jungles when it comes to the honeymoon. This place will make your love wild and enthralling! Enjoy the Park with the wild animals, holding each other’s hand. But just be sure to check with the wildlife guide, to save yourself from the trouble and returning back with a satisfied and safe journey.

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