Honeymoon Destinations in India

honeymoon destinations

India is one among the foremost well-liked honeymoon destinations within the world. The sheer geographical diversity, cultural panorama, and monumental heritage provide the land a novel charm. There are such a large amount of well-liked honeymoon destinations in India and every of them has its own distinctive set of attractions. With the Himalayas within the North and terra firma India within the South, India exhibits fantastic diversity in terms of natural beauty, exotic tour sites, religions, folks, and customs.


Goa – Sip tender coconut and watch the ocean waves at play with shore sands; ride a water scooter; go sailplaning and change posture on the beach whereas the sun sets within the horizon.Located on the shores of the sea in West India, Goa could be a honeymooner’s delight. Tourists fondly decision it the “land of the sun, sand, and ocean.” endless beach stretches dotted with coconut palms produce the proper natural ambiance for married couples to be with one another. To be in reality with natural beauty solely enhances the expertise of about to apprehend your better half higher. Beach shacks and bangle retailers complete the country expertise.
Goa has everything from multi-cuisine food joints, fancy seashore resorts, and reasonable hotels. Couples will rent bikes and tour town. The churches in recent Goa are price visiting besides the superb beaches in North and South Goa.


Darjeeling – pay a journey crammed honeymoon within the lap of natural splendor, this small mountain range station includes a ton to supply in terms of natural vistas, journey sports and excitement. 


Nainital – Pay a comfortable vacation together with your partner, Nanital gets its name from AN ancient Hindu mythological legend that’s related to the ‘naini lake’ placed within the middle of town. However, It’s been a preferred honeymoon destination in India for generations and is certainly price visiting.


Mount Abu – Celebrate life on lush hills that keep guard over a desert land Mount Abu is special because it is that the sole hill station in Rajasthan, a state related to the Thar


Ooty – hear nature’s music as wild water cascades build pulsating gurgles with pleasant interruptions from the chirping population. Udagamandalam is about within the interior of lush greens, gurgling water streams and deep ravines on the Nilgiri Hills in South India. Ooty is taking into account together of the highest honeymoon destinations in India. This natural paradise has an inherent romantic aura that intoxicates the senses. freshly married couples will tour the beautiful biology Garden; Dodabetta peak; garden and therefore the Ooty lake. For those that visit the region in winter, attending the ‘Tea ANd touristry festival’ in January is an absolute should. However, The ‘Flower Festival’ control in could is another native attraction.


Shimla – Steep mountain chain ranges, watercourse gorges, and multicolored flower meadows inspire a way of awe. Shimla or Simla in North India could be a nice favorite with honeymooners, particularly the autochthonous Indian crowd. And, Simply excellent for those with an also inclination for hiking, trekking, and climbing, Shimla may be a honeymooners delight.


Mahabaleshwar – Take your partner on a ‘strawberry farm trek’. This pretty hill station is found in the Western Ghats. And, it has been a retreat since British people days. However, Well-liked tour attractions embrace the Echo purpose, Mahabaleshwar temple, Panchganga Temple, and therefore the Pratapgarh Fort. 


Coorg – Pay a quiet honeymoon within the interior low plantations off from the chaotic confusions of a busy town. Kodagu or Coorg could be a honeymooners paradise. Acres of occasional plantations, orange orchards, pepper greens spell romance. And, make the proper setting for the freshly married to bond. Tour attractions like the Madikeri fort, Irupu Falls, Abbi falls and therefore the minarets of Dodoveearaja are a new attraction.


Udaipur – pay a royal honeymoon within the Rajputana. ‘The city of Lakes’ as Udaipur is popularly glorious is one among the foremost stunning unreal cities in Rajasthan. Besides its historical significance, the terrible town exudes an inexpressible romantic charm. Although, That instantly casts a spell on freshly married couples.


Bikaner- Be a part of an artiodactyl mammal train and live the country. Desert charm Of huge historic importance town offers lots in terms of tourist attractions. Also, visit the Lal Garh Fort, Junagarh repository, and therefore the illustrious Shiva Bari Temple. The govt. managed artiodactyl mammal analysis Farm is additionally a requirement visit.


  1. A honeymoon is the first moments a newly-wed couple spend together, or the first holiday they spend together to celebrate their marriage.


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