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Top 33 Beaches in Kerala

Kerala is not a new destination to the sun-worshippers, the 550kms beach line looking over the spectacular Arabian Sea is the capture of this amazing southeast condition of Indian. Studded with some outstanding beaches that are often noticeable with swaying hands, charming lighthouses and multi-hued shells, Kerala is a true heaven for characteristics fans. If you are looking for a location in Indian, where you can rest, try some yoga exercises, do your rest thing or may be just sluggish around, then I suggest that you take a look at this list of amazing  Kerala beaches.

Here are some amazing kerala beaches –

Kollam Beach:

One of the kerala beaches - Kollam Beach
Under top kerala beaches one is Kolam beach Situated in Kollam city, Kollam beach is amongst the most well-known beaches in Kerala. Also known as Mahatma Gandhi Beach, it provides a spectacular perspective of the Arabian Sea. The 144ft high light house is the milestone of this amazing beach that grows with pleasure during the night hours. Watching the sundown and going to the underwater fish tank are the two significant actions that one can engage in on the beach . There are some excellent hotels and hotels in Kollam beach that contributes happy remembrances to your perfect holiday getaway here.

Alappuzha Beach:

A well-known beach in Kerala, Alappuzha beach is also one of the most eye-catching beaches in the condition. This palm-fringed beach has obtained a lot of popularity amongst the Western guests, who can be seen here in high figures. Standing on one end of the beach , the light house contributes to the attractiveness of the position. The florida sunsets are definitely amazing and are an overall must see.

Bekal Beach:

Bekal is a less noisy and less populated beach in Kasargod, Kerala. It is most well-known for providing the best perspective of the Bekal Citadel, which is the biggest and most well-preserved fort in Kerala. The beach is situated near the boundary of Karnataka and about 60kms from Kannaur. At a brief move from the beach towards its north part, there is an estuary, where one can observe the backwaters in Kerala becoming a member of the sea. Whether you are looking to invest time close relatives members members or remain alone, Bekal beach can be the best bet.

Beypore Beach:

Well the beach is well-known as the Beypore slot, that provided as an worldwide trade center. The beach  is situated in Kozhikode and is an perfect position for a hangout. A breathtaking beach , it is perfect for investing some comfortable time with a loved one. Beypore is quite well-known for its shipbuilding industry and since you are going to this amazing position create sure to buy a small deliver memorabilia from here.

Chavakkad Beach:

The swaying grape plants, the sparkling sand and kilometers and kilometers of relaxed atmosphere, Chavakkad Beach in Thrissur region is nothing less than a heaven for characteristics fans. The beach is at ten or twenty yards of 5kms from Guruvayoor Forehead (Sri Krishna Temple). The emphasize of the beach is the estuary, where a stream combines into the sea. Although Chavakkad is a well-known beach in Thrissur, it gives comfort and provides an separated position for those who want to evade from the clamour of the city.

Cherai Beach:

Along with being a grape shrub surrounded beach , Cherai beach in Kochi is also known for the multi-hued shells. A eye-catching beach , Cherai continues to be populated season lengthy. The significant fascination of the beach is the point where the backwater satisfies the sea. The tides are usually low here, thus creating a amazing chance of snorkeling for newbies as well. It is a fun position to go with loved ones and of course splattering h2o on each other is the the best activity to take up here.

Chowara Beach:

Set in the amazing city of Chowara, this beach is known for its breathtaking elegance and charming appeal. The city is situated at a range of about 10kms from Kovalam and is an perfect honeymoon vacation vacation in Indian. Since, it is away from money, you can anticipate some relaxed atmosphere among the attractiveness of features here.

Kappad beach:

Here’s how one identifies the beach better as… it is the same beach where Vasco Da Gama first arrived in Indian. Kappakkadavu or Kappad beach is one amazing beach set in the popular city of Calicut or Kozhikode. Today Kappad is amongst the favorite beaches for residents and guests due to its perfect and eye-catching elegance. An old temple situated on the stones (believed to have been built several years ago) is one of the significant destinations on the beach .

Kanwatheertha Beach:

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Kanwatheertha beach is the pleasure of Kerala travel and enjoyment. This eye-catching beach is situated in Kasargod region and only ten or twenty yards of 5kms from Manjeshwar. Kanwatheertha is well-known amongst guests as it is an isolatedbeach and is regarded as a Virgin mobile Area, where one can encounter the genuine kindness of Kerala.

Kappil Beach:

An separated beach , Kappil beach is pleasant for a basic and relaxed period of time in comfort. Operating out of Thiruvananthapuram region in Kerala, this breathtaking beach is decorated with traditional appeal. It can be an perfect bother for partners, romantics and thinkers, who are always in search of separated locations to invest a while. However, its popularity is increasing and lots of guests these days head to this beach to discover getting rid of the disturbance of the frustrating places. So, before this beach also gets commercialized, one must check out it!

Kizhunna Beach:

The double beaches in Kannur city in Kozhikhode region are amongst the most amazing beaches in Kerala. Famously known as the Kizhunna Ezhara beach , these are pleasant locations to rest your stiff thoughts. The areas of the beach are secured by clfs, so vacationer can have plenty of fun here. Since, not many people know about this beach the atmosphere here continues to be unspoilt.

Kolavi Palam Beach:

The fantastic crushed lime stone, swaying hands and the pink water…this descriptionmakes it look like any other beach in Kerala, well in reality it is not! It has a different appeal as it is one of the most separated beaches in Kerala. Less human disruption has kept Kolavipalam perfect and relaxing, which are of course the critical features of this beach . If you seek a private time among characteristics, Kolavipalam is the position for you. The beach is also home to Olive Ridley turtles that can be identified commonly here. Kolavipalam beach is situated in Payyoli in Kozhikode region.

Kozhikode Beach:

Reckoned to provide some of the best sundown opinions in Kerala, Kozhikode beach is one of its kinds. The two piers that stand in the center of the sea, the light house constructed on the shore, Marine Water Aquarium and Tigers Park are the sightseeing opportunities on the beach . Apart from that, the sundown and sun rising are definitely something that you must not skip out here. The evenings are the most amazing parts here, when most of us would like to see someone unique.

Kuzhupilly Beach:

Located near Vypeen in Ernakulam region, Kuzhupilly beach is the center of fun and enjoyment. It is one of the most occurring beaches in Kerala, where one or the other event occurs throughout the season. An added appeal to the beach is it vicinity to the backwaters and the paddy areas that operates similar to it. The grape surrounded beach and the silvery sand along the shore creates it a great place to take a move upon. Evenings are silent occurring in Kuzhupilly when a huge audience accumulates near the beach to create happy.

Lighthouse Beach:

This falcate formed beach is amongst the most eye-catching beaches in Kerala. A perfect position have fun with nature’s happiness, this beach in Kerala is stuffed with enjoyment hotels; so if you are looking for an perfect vacation in Kerala, remaining in one of these close by hotels can do the secret to success for you! A move on the silvery beaches at night is one of the best factors that you can think of doing here; however, laying in the sun, scuba dive diving snorkeling, catamaran trips, sundown viewing, riding a bike on the beach , snorkeling are also some excellent options.

Meenkunnu Beach:

Not so far from the city of Kannur, Meenkunnu beach is a fantastic vacation after a stressful week. Less populated and amazing, I mean what more do you want on a sluggish weekend? It is also an excellent position to go browsing in Indian. The traditional around is a significant component why one may want to come here; anticipate some excellent photography result that will look excellent on your facebook or myspace and instagram wall.

Muzhappilangad Beach:

It is one of the few drive-in beaches in Indian. The lengthy shoreline can be motivated through which increases the fun of being here. The beach is situated between Kannur and Thalassery, where actions like paragliding, windsurfing, microlite flight tickets, power sailing and catamaran drive are also possible. The beach is also swimmers’ delight; in simple words, Muzhappilangad beach is one position where all the activity happens in Kerala.

Munambam Beach:

A lengthy beach , situated near Vypeen Isle in Ernakulam region, Munambam beach is worth paying a check out in Kerala. Also known as Murizis Golden Beach, it has features for kite traveling as well. Along with investing a amazing night here, one has the chance to invest evenings at close by towns where homestays are available.

Neendakara Beach:

The amazing Neendkara beach is situated about 8kms from Kollam. Neendakara is one clean and amazing beach , which is surprisingly the reason why huge variety of guests check out it. One can observe the amazing vision of Pond Ashtamudi becoming a member of the Arabian Sea here. Sunset is the most eventful time, when many collect here to watch some of the best florida sunsets in Kerala.

Padinjarekkara Beach:

Famed for the outstanding perspective of the confluence of Bharathapuzha, Tirur River and the Arabian Sea, Padinjarekkara beach is situated near Ponnani in Malappuram region. This breathtaking beach is an perfect position for pets in Indian as many migratory parrots can be identified here. Water child scooters or speed vessels and sailing fast food restaurants are the emphasize of this beach .

Papanasham Beach:

It is Varkala’s most well-known beach and is also regarded to be sacred. Papanasham beach is an activity loaded beach  where actions like windsurfing, scuba dive diving snorkeling and paragliding, fishing and deep-sea sportfishing can be done. The beach is an essential vacationer identify in Kerala and is often regarded asa Hindu pilgrimage. It is regarded that a dip in the h2o of the beach can clean away one’s sin completely. An absolutely amazing beach , Papanasham is definitely a must check out in Kerala.

Payyambalam Beach:

This beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Kerala. Payyambalam beach is situated at ten or twenty yards from Kannur and is excellent identify for children members trip. The mother and child statue on the beach is amongst the primary destinations of the position. There is also a garden, which is situated at the edge of the beach , from where one can appreciate the spectacular perspective of the sundown. Parasailing and other aquatic activities can be experienced on Payyambalam beach .

Poovar Beach:

Unspoilt and breathtaking is how one can determine Poovar beach . Situated at a range of about 28kms from Thiruvananthapuram, Poovar beach is amongst the best locations that Kerala has to provide. On one part, the pink h2o requires up the territory; on the other part of the beach is protected with jungles that mainly consist of liven farms, grape and bananas groves. Poovar is perfect for the tormented spirits because the relaxed atmosphere of the position gives them satisfaction and comfort, while the amazing elegance turns on their minds and hearts.

Samudra Beach:

Samudra is amongst the three essential beaches in Kovalam that along with two other beaches creates the well-known cres of Kovalam. Being a well-known beach in Kovalam, Samudra beach continues to be populated through the season. A walk on the beach is perfect and if you are an overall sun fan you can appreciate laying in the sun here as well.

Shankhumugham Beach:

An essential beach in Thiruvananthapuram, Shankhumugham beach is situated about 8kms from the city of Trivandrum. The beach is popular for its sundown and to see it many throng here at night. Apart from the sundown, Shankhumugham beach is regarded essential as the yearly Indonesia Tarpanam (Prayers for the dead) is held here. The Aaraat (festival procession) of the Padmanabhaswamy temple also occurs here each year; this well-known event indicates after getting a dip in the h2o of Shankhumugham beach.

Thaikadappuram Beach:

Situated in the amazing city near Nileshwar in Kasargod region, Thaikadappuram Beach is a amazing beach that is known for providing a amazing perspective of the sundown. The eye-catching setting creates it a wonderful position for guests and residents. The Olive Ridley Turtles that lay egg here in the monsoon are also one of the primary destinations of this beach . Quiet and amazing, Thaikadappuram beach is apt for those who are looking for some comfort.

Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach:

Referred to as ‘Love Shore’, Snehatheeram beach is an perfect have a eat outside identify. Operating out of Thalikulam, which is 25kms from Thrissur, this beach has an start audience, start beach , aquatic activities and a lot more. It is regarded to be one of the most eye-catching beaches in Kerala and an pleasant position to see relatives members hangouts and a have a eat outside.

Thikkoti Lighthouse:

Famed due to its light house, Thikkoti Lighthouse beach is yet another excellent identify to be at! Operating out of Thikkoti city in Kozhikode region, the beach is an everyday bother of residents and guests, who like to either sit by the sea or take a walk along the shore. The beach is also a haven for migratory parrots as well, so one can anticipate to see various fowl varieties here as well. The well-known light house is obviously the center of attention here and creates for some charming images.

Thirumullavaram beach:

Located in an separated position near Kollam city, Thirumullavaram beach is perfect for a beach vacation in Indian. Continuous from the bustles of the city, this beach is stuffed with characteristics and provides its guests once in a life-time encounter. On a low trend day one can observe End of the week Stone in the center of the city. It is a superficial beach and therefore it creates for a great place for children to swimming. The Mahavishnu Forehead situated near the beach is yet another fascination here.

Thiruvambady Beach:

If you are looking for a sluggish beach vacation, Thiruvambady beach near Varkala is exactly what you are looking for. A lengthy expand of fantastic sand shore that is surrounded with grape plants stays to provide you an unrivaled vacation in Kerala. There are a variety of beach hotels that add to the perfectness of your vacation at Thiruvambady with their kindness and services.

Vakkad Beach:

This beach in Ponnani in Malappuram region is one unique beach , where Tirur apuzha or River can be seen conference the sea. The boat vacation through Ettrikadavu is an encounter that you can never forget. The beach is eye-catching and is usually frequented by fowl fans as one has to be able to see a huge variety of migratory parrots here.

Valiathura Beach:

Valiathura beach is situated near the well-known Shankhumugham beach and is yet another eye-catching beach in South Coast of Kerala. It is regarded as a Fishers beach as one can discover several sportfishing vessels for sale, fish (for selling) and other sportfishing pertaining items here. The best vision here is during monsoon is the unique type of competition in which the fishermen take their cataramans to Valiathura Connect and throw them and after doing so; they themselves leap into the h2o and swimming up to it.

Vallikunnu Beach:


A perfect position to rest Vallikunnu beach is definitely a position for those looking for satisfaction. Operating out of Malappuram region, this untainted beach draws a lot of guests. Pursuits like snorkeling, playing beach ball and getting a brief quick move are some of the few factors that can keep you active here.

The amazing condition of Kerala really knows how to woo and with these beautiful beaches, the enticement to check out the condition only gets stronger! Hope you can create it to most of beaches that are mentioned here. Have a fantastic vacation in Kerala!

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