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Top Five climbing Mountains in Sikkim

The top of Northeast Indian, Sikkim is really a place which characteristics fans can call house. However, along with the winding waterways, lavish mdw, downhill ponds and monasteries, what makes Sikkim an amazing place for encounter, is its substantial peaks. Magnificently protected in dense levels of snowfall year long and varying between 4900 – 6100 m in level, Sikkim mountain peaks are the third maximum optimum in the world, Kanchenjunga or Khangchendzonga (8586 m) that certainly gives mountaineers from around the world some serious climbing goals! One thing value realizing about this north-eastern elegance is that it still is an offbeat place, and thus, has peaks and hiking paths that have been less visited.

Hence, reasons for all you climbers to get your climbing equipment and plan an adventure. Yet another good purpose why it is a time that this offbeat climbing place should be researched is that it can truly provide a combine of Ladakh, Himachal and Uttarakhand climbing encounter. Yes, Sikkim has all the components that would want encounter hunters to take up those complex peaks that may seem impregnable but are actually welcoming one to learn about the unidentified Sikkim as well the unmapped Native indian Himalaya. This weblog here assist you to some of the top climbing peaks in Sikkim which are valuable the effort!

Top Five climbing Mountains in Sikkim

Mountain Peak Grade Altitude District
Frey Peak Fairly Difficult 5889 meters West Sikkim
Mt. Jopuno Difficult 5603 meters West Sikkim
Mt. Lama Wangden Difficult 5868 meters North Sikkim
Mt. Brumkhangse Easy to Moderate 5868 meters North Sikkim

About West Sikkim and its Peaks:

Dwellingto the conventional state capital Yuksom – European Sikkim is a paradise for the mountaineers due to its great levels and helpful atmosphere – European Sikkim is full of pleasure and significant peaks and it is a famous for encounter and climbing vacation place. Probably, a world appeal for excitement fans because it homes some best climbing peaks in Sikkim and amazing mountains that are naturally an itchiness to go up the misty elegance snow-clad mountains. European Sikkim’s state is Geyzing, and it homes destinations like the Khecheopalri Pond, stars have it that not a single foliage is permitted to drop on top area of the river and the first monastery of your Sikkim the Dubdi Monastery.

Top Climbing Mountain Peaks Sikkim

The state loves a moderate environment and has numerous plants and creatures. This area loves flourishing of rhododendron jungles and you can see its dynamics in every mountain of the hills. This truly can be looked at as a climbing vacation for visitors who appreciate whenever increasing the snowfall Cover Mountains. Discussing its limitations with Northern Sikkim is ‘The Kanchenjunga Nationwide Park’, house to the red panda; you can get a opportunity to put into the environment of Himalayan organic paradise. The three significant peaks to install in European Sikkim that keeps actual elegance are describe below.

1. Frey Peak

Frey Peak


Frey Peak has a powerful similarity to the Matterhorn optimum in European countries and this super climbing optimum is looking for no simple outdoorsmen rather a significant stamina like itself. The go up may cause you to bumpy and damaged holes in between but the go up also provides a picturesque perspective of snow-clad mountain peaks and undulant elegance of characteristics. Sikkim’s Frey Peak is AD+ evaluated significance [fairly difficult] and this wonderful optimum upcoming to Rathong Glacier can be found in the neighborhood of the Mount Kabru, Rathong and Kokthang in European Sikkim.

Location: Chauringang, West Sikkim

Grade: Fairly Difficult

Altitude: 5889 meters

Best Season: March to May, October and November

2. Mt. Tenchenkhang



Mt. Tenchenkhang is a super fabled optimum significantly identify by the federal govt as a hiking place and is famous for as a screen to organic appeal, bio-diversity, heavenly ponds and snowfall cause Mountains. Mt. Tenchenkhang ever since the identification it has captured the appreciations of many mountaineers for its downhill optimum and excitement go up. From the top of this optimum, the mountaineers can certainly appreciate a massive perspective of some of the most amazing Sikkim Himalayan Mountains and Mount Makalu in Nepal.

Location: West Sikkim

Grade: Difficult

Altitude: 6010 meters

Best Season: March to May and October to the mid of November

3. Mt. Jopuno

Mt Jopuno


Mount Jopuno amazing optimum can be found under the Kanchenjunga Nationwide Recreation area and close to Mt. Tenchenkhang. Situated in western Sikkim Mount Jopuno is a great fascination among the mountaineers from all around the world. To flavor the benefits of characteristics and awesome atmosphere, this optimum has some of the most breathtaking mountains includes of Sikkim Himalaya. Navigate through stunning sites such as Goecha La, Thangsing and Yuksom as you rise to Mount Jopuno. This pathway is absolutely with certainly an perfect for the trekkers who have an passion and appreciation towards nature’s elegance.

Location: West Sikkim

Grade: Difficult

Altitude: 5603 meters

Best Season: March to May and October to the mid of November

About North Sikkim and its Peaks:

North of Sikkim is the biggest area in comparison to all of Sikkim. Its distant mountains, heavy plants and massive falls make this area extremely attractive. Yet, when it comes to travel and leisure, Northern Sikkim does not have apart from its breathtaking elegance. Most of the part in Northern Sikkim is on a traveller’s purpose behind sharing the boundary with the People’s Republic of Chinese suppliers. Its close delicate boundary is under the Native indian Military management. However, apart from the problems and tight allows required to check out these places. This area witnesses trips from many visitors for a journey check out to Sikkim but trips out of Thangu is fully stop.

The region head office Mangan is valued as one of the Cardamom State because the ground in Sikkim is best best for a number of Cardamom found here. In fact, Northern Sikkim has many power tasks and encounters continuous power throughout. Around the river is ‘The Kanchenjunga Nationwide Park’ which sets in its northern boundary as well as west Sikkim. You can get an opportunity capture a look at the red panda and other amazing plants and creatures and avifauna. Northern Sikkim secrets two super elegance and they keep spellbound impact on excitement fans who loves whenever to go up the dangerous records. Enclosed with fresh organic splendor, project its northern boundary Sikkim’s two mesmerising peaks detailed below.

4. Mt. Lama Wangden

Lama Wangden Sikkim


Peak Going up the is a great way to spend a journey check out to Sikkim and Lama Wangden Himalayan hiking pathway is all set to provide its elegance to the mountaineers. This optimum lives in the Lachen, Northern of Sikkim. The perfect time rise this mountain is from summertime to winter seasons. However, for a wonderful excitement hurry encounter with snowfall protected mountains, you can travel Lama Wangden optimum during winter seasons and for a great travel along the lavish plants and plants and creatures you can opt for summer time season hiking adventure.

Location: Lachen

Grade: Difficult

Altitude: 5868 meters

Best Season: April to June and December to March

5. Mt. Brumkhangse

Mountaineering in Mt. Brumkhangse is one of the simplest and relaxing hikes to facilitate. This unique pathway of Mt. Brumkhangse operates through heavy and extensive lavish natural includes of organic plants. The mountain peaks provide a vision of the snow-covered top and an simple climbing adventure in Sikkim. Among the complex Himalayan Range Mt. Brumkhangse near Yumthang area placed at a massive level of 5635 metres, is one of the best locations in Northern Sikkim to travel the reasons of the Himalayas.

Location: Yumthang

Grade: Easy to Moderate

Altitude: 5868 meters

Best Season: April to October

Northeast India’s exoticness is beyond question, it’s fresh and least contaminated homes has some famous paths fit for excitement mountaineers or inexperienced beginner to evaluate their hiking abilities. Vacationing can never be out of vision, I mean, it is the only purpose to leave from the pressure you manage each day. Navigate and search into the amazing things of the northeast that provides mountaineers and outdoorsmen with a great advised optimum climbing adventure in Sikkim.
Adventure vacations in Sikkim can be enjoyable and blithe if done in categories. Sikkim has some well-known encounter and climbing vacation place that holds back just for you. If you are one of the risk takers and want to drop into the piles amongst the amazing things of five aforementioned mountain peaks. You can contact TourMyIndia for an encounter like never before and have fun with the climbing adventure this vacation.

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