Magnetic hill – The magical mountains of Ladakh


Also known as gravity hill, the Magnet hill is located in Ladakh, India. The Magnet hill is known to have magnetic properties strong enough to pull a vehicle up the hill. A passing aircraft is forced to increase altitude to avoid the magnetic interference that may arise from the hill. The phenomenon about this magnet hill is also explained by belief in an optical illusion. The illusion is that some people are likely to see objects moving up a hill.

Magnetic hill
Magnetic hill

Physical Description of the Hill

The following is the physical description of Magnetic hill and its surrounding physical features.

Located in on Leh-Kargil-Srinagar national highway.  It is about 50km from Lehi is at an altitude of 11000 feet above the sea level On the south side of the Magnetic hill flows the Indus. The Indus originate in Tibet and flows to Pakistan.

The wonder of Magnet hill has attracted domestic tourist as take car journeys. The Wonder of Magnet Hill that Attracts Tourists. The wonder that is Magnet hill has made it an attraction to not tourists and people willing to study the phenomenon of the hill. It is for the following reasons:

Magnetic hill
Magnetic hill

It is not normal for one to drive up a hill with your engine turned off. Many people will travel far and wide just to experience this wonder.  Air pilots must have knowledge of the hill due to the magnetic interference likely to occur when flying a plane overhead. The pilots have to fly at a higher altitude to reduce the magnetic interference that may cause failure to the communication devices on the plane.

Geologists have studies the hill and the surrounding physical features to find out the cause of the phenomenon that is Magnetic hill. Those who believe in the supernatural have claimed that it is supernatural factors at work.

There are those who have claimed that a vehicle appearing to move uphill is moving downhill. The optical illusion has been attributed to the layout of the surrounding land.  Additionally, there is a totally obstructed horizon when looking uphill. It is this obstruction that may have led to the obstruction of the

Experience Magnetic Hill

In order to see the phenomenon of Magnetic hill all you need to do is plan a trip to the area. Once there, ensure you indulge in some of the other fun activities for you to enjoy. They include

  • Mountain climbing, safari, Yak safari and trekking.
  • Once you get to the gravity hill, there is a signboard that gives instructions on what point to park your vehicle in order to experience the gravity hill.
  • There is a box shaped line at the beginning of the hill where you park your vehicle. Switch off your vehicle and keep it on neutral. You will then experience firsthand the phenomenon of defying gravity. The vehicle will slowly move without any mechanical assistance at a speed of 20-40Km/h.

While there, also ensure you enjoy the local cuisine. To enjoy all this book an Indian visa which provides you a visa assistance to India.

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