Top Tourist Destination In India To Visit in Monsoon Season,Periyar National Park


India is the city of unity in the diversities; India is well-known tourist hub in the complete tourist industry. In India, the main monsoon season starts from the month of June to September. Periyar National Park , In the monsoon season, people always get confused while deciding the tourist destination to visit and enjoy the tour or trip. We mostly hear the same question on everyone’s lips is, “What’s it really like and is travel still possible?”

Monsoon is no doubt the best of time for those who love scenery without worrying much about rain and traffic jams. While monsoon brings a new energy to the social life and trillion dollar economy of the country, travelers find this as the preferred time to explore a country like India.

The monsoon holidays in India are one of the regular tours of India attracted the tourists from all over the world for various types of activities since the arrival of monsoons. Such tourists’ seem to know that after the long summer months when the heat and the dust ruled the roost, the appearance of monsoons gives much comfort. The word “monsoon” looks like much inspire them. The magical word itself seems to make them happy.

Tourist destinations in India to visit in monsoon season are as follows:


India’s beach capital has a lot to offer than just the beaches! This place is especially beautiful during the monsoon season. Although it remains on the Goa tourism circuit all year round, Goa’s monsoon flavor is unique with unparalleled beauty.

Anyone can visit the Mollem National Park and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa. The Dudhsagar Falls and the acclaimed spice plantation in Savoi are the best during the monsoons. Take an evening boat cruise up the Mandovi River from Panaji and enjoy Goa’s historic character-filled buildings while you are in Goa.Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park:

Periyar National Park is Located on the banks of the Periyar Lake. The wildlife sanctuary is also said as the pride of Kerala. However, the entire protected zone is not open for tourists but only to the point of the artificial lake. The huge evergreen rain forest just gets better during monsoon that offers an exciting opportunity to travelers and nature lovers to take an elephant safari through the dense jungle.


The mighty clouds bend down to touch your feet. The nature in its full splendor – the crystal clear air and the green hills invite you to be a part of nature – to feel the nature’s beauty and joys at its ultimate glory. In the daylight and evening, the sky becomes a vast sketch board of a million colors and shades and the lake itself glows in its harmony. Don’t miss this once in life time experience.

Only a person with a rhythmical or poetical heart can explain the beauty of the Naini Valley during the peak monsoons.Periyar National Park

Jog Falls:

One of the five highest waterfalls in the world and India‘s highest waterfall. Now attracting several lakh tourists and nature lovers from across the globe. The splendid beauty of Jog Falls has reappeared in it full glory. The falls declared as one of the top ten UNESCO ecological hot spots in the world, are at their majestic best between July and October.


The Valley of Flowers National Park:

Periyar is one of the most famous national parks in southern India which extends around the banks of a huge artificial lake. Listed in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves, Valley of Flowers in the Uttarakhand state is a must to see place in India. During monsoon season in India, the picturesque region is splashed with color with a carpet of flowers.

Leh & Ladakh:

Leh & Ladakh lies near the Indus valley, at the far flung corner of Northern India. When you visit this area you will notice that it is bounded by two of the world’s largest mountain ranges and is surrounded by alpine forest. Leh & Ladakh is famous for best monsoon getaways as it spells untouched scenery with blue lakes, snow laden mountains and a clear blue sky. Tourism in Leh & Ladakh this remote region of India is amazing.


Ranikhet is the best picturesque little town has forever held its old world charm. This tourist destination will offer you the amazing view of the Himalayas. It will provide you an opportunity to enjoy scintillating walks among the cedar and pine trees.

Lonawala & Khandala:

Lonavala and Khandala are such tourist destination in the Indian state of Maharashtra, These two tourist destinations are near to each other. These two places having the natural gift of God.

It gets famous hills station as well as the best tourist destination in the Maharashtra for monsoon tourism. The whole place is covered with a thick blanket of fog early in the morning this is how the day begins here. Lonavala and Khandala are two best tourist destinations just divided by the High Hill and both has the deep valley on the other side. Lonavala and Khandala are the places which are not affected by the Modern Industrialization


Shillong is a fitting evocation of a unique natural beauty and popularly referred to as the Scotland of East India. Located in the flowing pine covered hills, Shillong enjoys colder climatic condition all through the year. During monsoons, wind rumors through luxurious forests here and the land is rhythmical of music and full of life. The blues and cascading waterfalls will completely enthrall your senses. Due to all these reasons, Shillong is a famous monsoon destination in India.