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Top 5 Paragliding Destination of India

If you are fond of adventure sports and love to fly as a bird in the sky. Paragliding Destination is the option for you. There are many places in India where you can add thrill to your holiday by paragliding. Here is the places where you can go for it.

Top 5 Paragliding Destination of India

  1. Bir – Amidst the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Bir is best as a paragliding destination in India. You fly off from an elevation of 2600m. 70 kms away from Mandi, the best time to visit here is during March to June. There will be cool winds to take you higher in sky.
  2. Manali – This place is Paradise of Paraglider’s. While flying high in sky you will get amazing view of Himalayan ranges. Solang Valley’s slopes offer much adventure. When you are above Kullu high, you will experience breathtaking view of Manali.
  3. Nandi Hills – 68 kms away from Bengaluru, Nandi hills is one of the prime location for Paragliding in India. In the sky-high, you will reach Bengaluru’s Hebbal Lake with lovely landing.
  4. Pavana- This place is situated near the Pavana Dam in Western Ghats area around pune. Once you take off this site, downwards you will see the Indrayani River and the Kamshet town. It is one of the exalting experience, you fly above the massive Pavana Lake. This place is favorite paragliding spot for experienced paragliders. You can learn gliding skills from them.
  5. Kunjapuri- Flying around Shivalik range gives you thrilling experience with panoramic site. You can see the beautiful and colorful sky during sunrise and sunset. While flying above, you can view the peaks of Sawrga Rohini, Chaukhamba, Gangotri and Banderpunch.

Already, with the name of the place, having adrenaline rush? Experience the view from the sky as a free bird flying high n high. You can go with packages or you can just visit the spot. Enjoy the few minutes of sky life.


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