Sri Lankan Luxury Travel

Joining the world as it celebrates the luxury provided by the beautiful nation of Sri Lanka quenches the thirst for the leisure experienced in travel. This part of the world presents people from all walks of life with exuberant leisure. Travelling to Sri Lanka for your holiday getaway not only returns the value for your money, but also leaves you exited, relaxed and feeling extra lively.

Hunas Falls by Amaya

Luxury does not get a complete meaning without Hunas Falls by Amaya. With the most gorgeous walkways, mini golf course and waterfalls, the destination for your dream land just got even better. Many have visited this hotel and the stories they tell attracts you from a far. Well known for its breathtaking location, sceneries and smooth atmosphere, Hunas Falls by Amaya is a perfect safe heaven especially for honeymooners. The services in this hotel are on top of the roof as a dedicated team of staff serves its clients to perfection mark. Hosting intimate gatherings and grand celebrations are among those that attract flexible rates in Hunas Falls by Amaya.

Guest Rooms in Hunas Falls by Amaya

Fitted with the best of designs, the rooms offer stunning reception of the mountains and natural sceneries you can get. All rooms are breathtaking and super spacious.

lake Sri Lankan

The city of Colombo

Surrounded by a diverse colonial heritage, Colombo has more than luxury of culture to teach the world. Travelling through the busy streets of the City of Colombo, casinos present nightlife like no other. Culturally, Colombo is known to use a three wheeled transportation aid which most preach diversely of the heritage Sri Lanka has kept and maintained for herself all throughout the years.

Some of the most dazzling shopping experiences in the shopping malls rich in cultural designs that showcase the warmth of the tradition for the natives will be found vivid by tourists of all kind. For the best handicrafts in all corners of the world, Sri Lankan City of Colombo will give you some of the most finest with a texture that sooths your hand like a special romantic handshake. And as for those wishing to ride on those iconic ancient double decker buses touring around, Colombo provides such luxury with one heart.


Being one of the major cities in Sri Lanka, Kandy is celebrated and valued as a world heritage site of UNESCO. For the depth of tradition and culture about Buddhists, Kandy has it all as it is crowned as one of the most sacred place for Buddhists hailing from the famous Temple of Tooth.

Sri Lankan Luxury Travel

Kandy Lake

The Lake dominates the town of Kandy owing to its spectacular artificial beauty. Visitors catch the romantic view as they stroll around the Lake. Different types of species including birds make the Lake even more glamorous. More to it, Kandy Lake displays its splendor with freshwater fish that glues all admirers as each smile at the beauty of motion as the fish jumps. Boat rides are offered at Lake serving tourists all through the diverse lake.


Make your Sri Lankan Travel an adventurous and unforgettable experience by visiting some of the highlighted destinations above. Apply for your Sri Lankan visa today and enjoy a home away from home experience.


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