Pune, the Gorgeous Cultural City of Maharashtra

Pune is a beautiful city that lies in Maharashtra. Pune is the city in the Deccan plateau and it is 560 metres above sea level. It lies on the right bank of Mutha river and has been a historically significant city for several past decades. According to history, during the eighteenth century, Pune has served as the political centre of Indian subcontinent and it still has countless old economy industries that are still blooming and dotting the industrial landscape of the city. It has been in the role of political centre since the Peshwas lived here and they also served as the prime ministers of Maratha empire. The city is still home to so many prestigious institutions and schools that have a very high reputation. Apart from this, the city also has a good number of automobile industries and research funded institutes for information technology (IT) and management.

darshan-museum Pune

One of the most important things for which Pune is known widely is that it is the cultural centre of the state and is considered as a great symbol of maratha culture. You will find all sorts of activities flourishing in Pune ranging from art and craft to theatre as well as education and music. There are also several popular luxury hotels in Pune that serve their guests with utmost comfort and convenience.

Although this might have led you to think that Pune is just a hub for culture and thus has a quaint old world charm, it might help you to know that this city has the best of both worlds. So while on one hand you will find so many old buildings and monuments here, it also has an ample number of shopping malls and recreation centre well clad with modern comforts. While you will find great celebrations of classical music and dance here in the form of shows, you will also see several malls here that cater to the recreational preferences of the young generation.

If you are a food lover, you are surely in the right place now. Puran Poli, the famous dish, originates from Maharashtra itself. The main ingredients of Marathi cuisine are pearl millets and Sorghum. Apart from the heavenly dessert of Puran Poli, you should also try other amazing delicacies of the city.  These may include famous name such as Misal Pav, Pitla Bhakri, Bhelpuri and Pav bhaji. You should also give a try to Mastani.   A thick and delicious milk shake preparation that also has lot of dry fruits and is amazing to have. Also try the traditional Poha of Pune.


Pune has stood testimony to the colonial rule.  It is still has a reminiscing effect due to a large number of buildings. That reminds you of the British rule in the country. There are just so many great places to be in Pune. That you are bound to be left spoilt for choice. These include Taljai Hills, Bund Garden, Kamala Nehru Park, Peshwe Park and Sambhaji Park Shahu Udyan. You can also check out the nearby Pune hotels to make a well-location hotel as your accommodation option.

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