Why Masada and Mitzpe Ramon are Special Destinations

If you thought there were no oases in real life, you might want to think again. These two unique models of any desert are so special and famous that in all the Flights to Israel you take someone will always be asking you whether you have seen them. They are culturally and historically tourist attractions with a lot of visitors every year. It is also a place with all kinds of hotels and hostels, including the Bedouin Khan camping sites. With lots of places to visit and see in Masada and Mitzpe Ramon, there are a couple things that really stand out.these are the Special Destinations.

Special Destinations

Makhtesh Ramon Special DestinationsMakhtesh Ramon

This is a crater and not just any crater considering it is the largest crater globally of its own kind. Commonly referred as the Ramon Crater, it is one of the most picturesque and uniquely beautiful sites you will ever see. At the center for visitors situated at Mitzpe Ramon it is clearly visible. You can also take a visit to the immense paths around by a jeep, camel, bicycle or by foot. Geology comes alive at the Ramon Crater with really wonderful spots and historical sites worth a second look.  Around the crater are great tracks, one of a kind desert quietude and breathtaking view.

Alpaca Ranch and Ramon Zoo

At Mitzpe Ramon are wonderful attractions that suit well those who have decided to visit Israel as a family. It is a place where the animal kingdom that is to be found in a desert calls home. Therefore, The Ramon Zoo is uniquely a part of the center for visitors at Mitzpe Ramon and you have a chance of seeming some great desert animal displays like lizards, scorpions, rodents and snakes and many more. It is a zoo that has over the years advocated.  So, its support for both animals and nature in that it is everyone’s rare chance to view the unique habitats found around in a thrilling zoological experience.amazing and Special Destinations.

Also a unique tourist attraction, the Alpaca Ranch is unique in its own right because you get to see donkeys, horses, llamas, alpacas and diverse animals, which is one of a kind experience you might never get anywhere else in the world. As you feed these unique animals splendid stories concerning the alpacas are provided. You might want to visit the wool factory to know more about its unique traits and production.

Masada National ParkMasada National Park

It goes without saying this park is one of the most famous in the history of the Jews and a national heritage site that is very prominent. The park receives humongous tourists from almost every part of the world and there is a great reason for it. It is a park that contains some of the most celebrated bravery stories.  And a place every tourist would like to make the first stop.

There are displays of audio-visual at the Masada National Park offering a glimpse of the park and its moving story including lots of archeological digs taking place around the area as well as the tremendous restoration efforts that have been invested in the area. The dead sea is visible from the park. And any visitor has the first class chance of beholding its beautiful surroundings. The fortress and the mountain can reach on foot by climbing up to the top.  And can enjoy the romantic rides of a cable car.

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