Fishing In Dubai – The Tour, Locations To Fish At And The Rules To Abide By

Have you ever thought about fishing? Have you ever seen a video related to it? If not, then do both. Watch a video related to Sea Fishing In Dubai and try to experience it live in Dubai. The experience in itself is really cool at the cool waters and gives you real fond memories to carry back home.Fishing In Dubai

The mere feeling and thought of Catching and Persuasion is very joy giving. Fishing trips Dubai is not just for recreation, but you learn a lot while on this. The entire process is tempting if you are enthusiastic about hunting. The catch really gives you a feeling of victory.

The activity in itself is worth the adrenaline rush that you will experience. If observed closely, then you may find that there are nearly 500 different species that you may catch. The Government of Dubai has organized proper destinations or places, where you may go ahead with the activity. The destinations are decided to keep in mind the purpose you are being sent there. You may check the recommendations made regarding the spots to choose from.

The places

The decent fishing spots are the following:-

  • Al Garhoud
  • Al Maktoum
  • Dubai Creek Park

Summers are a big no to plan your vacation during which, the climate gets humid and really hot. These spots are prone to get busier during weekends especially in the morning.

Dubai Creek Park and free zone at Jebel Ali

While mentioning about the Dubai Creek Park, it is definitely an awesome spot. It is wonderful if you wish to aim at Fishing In Dubai as a recreational activity. This is the point where you can sit back and feel relaxed. If the feeling of hunger or thirst strikes, then there is the provision of shops nearby that sell the basic products.

The water near the free zone of Jebel Ali is also good for the fishing purpose. The fishes found here for fishing are the kingfish and humor. These fishes make the fishing expedition wonderful.

The Jumeirah Beach

It is the spot that is really famous for this sport. Though rocky, it is abundant in barracudas. You must be extra cautious while doing fishing at these areas, as the rocks there can be really slippery.

The rules and the formalities

For carrying on with this activity, you need a proper license to go ahead. The license can be obtained through the local government. The cost for these licenses is different at different places. There is provision of providing short term licenses for the tourists visiting the place.

Fishing In Dubai

While applying you have to provide the following proofs:-

  • A copy of your passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Boat license (If you have your own boat), its contract and the photograph of boat

The activity is dependent on the weather you are opting for to visit there. It also depends on the approval granted by the coast guard. Carrying the original passport is a must there as you have to provide it when asked.

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