4 Reasons Why Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Outshines Creek

Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina promises a magical experience as you begin to explore the beauty of the deep ocean. A beautiful evening spent on a dhow cruise serves the best way to catch a glimpse of the amazing sights and feel the bracing sea air when you are sailing on open water. Though dhow cruise Dubai Marina is not a new thing to the local people. it has certainly grabbed the attention of a myriad of tourists willing to notice the aesthetic setting of this incredible waterfront community.

On the other hand, most tourists find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to making a selection between Dubai Marina and The Creek. To help you overcome the dilemma, here are four reasons to opt for Dubai Marina over The Creek for dhow cruise.

Sights and Views

There is no doubt that the Creek has a great charm and the dhow cruise sailing on the salty water of this waterway is worth experiencing. At the same time, the views along the shoreline are a bit limited. This is to say, the area within which the dhow cruise can sail in the creek is not as big as the Dubai Marine is and the views on either side are fewer. An esplanade occupies half of the cruising route extending from Bur-Dubai. which is obviously a good place to enjoy the walk, but limits the options of sightseeing for guests aboard the dhow.  

On the other hand, the Marina embodies a new Dubai marked by sky-high constructions., skyscrapers and a number of architectural elements that people love to watch while being aboard. Watching skyline of Marina at night is a treat to the eyes.

A Newfangled Experience

The Creek is the old Dubai has a little to offer as new and innovative to the visitors and local residents. However, the architectural masterpieces constructed frequently take Marina’s innovation to a new level., Which people like to watch and visit again and again. For the first time voyagers., The pleasure of viewing the eye-catching landscapes along the coastline of Marina would be once in a lifetime experience.


Dubai Creek has a lot of hustle and bustle all day long, which in part spoils the fun and excitement of visitors. In contrast, the atmosphere of Dubai Marina is frolicsome and breezy that fills your mind and soul with new energy. especially when on the dhow cruise. The exotic backdrop of the Marina and the aquatic life under the deep Arabian Sea are something. travel enthusiast would love to delve into.

Quality of Dhow Cruising

Boarding a traditional dhow in Dubai Marin costs you more, in fact double of the fees charged for a dhow in the Creek. This, on the one hand, brings a relief to people who opt for budgeted options. while on the other hand, disappoints guests who expect a high quality service. This is because, quality of services offered at this price is mediocre.

Owing to the high level of competition in Dubai Creek. operators endeavour to offer the food and services of the highest quality possible. So, it is always a thumbs up to Dubai Marina when it comes to quality while it’s a “yes” to the Creek for the price at which it offers dhow cruise. Dubai Marina Outshines Creek

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