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Explore Goa, The Land of Sun-Soaked Beaches

Goa is one of the most important destinations in India. It is famous for its beaches, culture, churches food, and architecture. Simply head to this fun-loving destination and choose your accommodations from best 5 Star hotels in Goa for a memorable vacation.Explore Goa

Explore Goa

Goa, a tiny emerald that dots the western coastline of India, is one of the most glittering-glamorous tourist destinations in India. Well known for its sea-lined silvery beaches, exotic massage, heritage architectures, east-meets-west cuisines, and revered places to worship, the city is a true delight to all of its travellers. Ideally considered to be a destination for the youth because of its popular carefree-laid back culture and beach parties, the destination is equally good for families and old. It is one of the smallest states in India and is also among the least populated. A big count of the people one will come across while in Goa are tourists or the immigrants from other cities in India. Sharing its border with Maharashtra and Karnataka, the city meets the vast Arabian sea to the west. It covers a major part of the Konkan region in India and is a city that constitute a diverse geography. Note that if you are in a tour of Goa, remember that Goa is a state and not a city. The capital of Goa is Panaji, which is located at the west part of the state and is a port city.

Goa is among the states in the country that got appended to the nation quite late. Until 1961, the state was under the rule of Portuguese. They made the state as their outpost for about 500 years. Subsequently, in 1987, Goa’s statehood as an Indian state got conferred. The colonization of the Portuguese, and many other foreign traders before them, have played a major role in forming the culture and heritage of the city. The influence of the past colonization are easily visible in the old churches, chapels, crumbling residencies, beaches, bazaars, anywhere you go. The state simply spoils the history buffs with the vast array of choices to visit that Goa offers.

Explore Goa

Sea, sun, sand, and surf are the major allures of the state beckoning one to visit Goa. Other than these, Goa is also popular for cheap booze, particularly the local drink called Feni. Additionally, Goa hosts some of the best beach parties that are simply overwhelming and take you to the state of trance. What’s more, Goa also hosts an annual carnival called the Goa Carnival. It is an inseparable part of the state and was introduced by the Portuguese. It is a three days long festival and is celebrated in the February month of every year. People wear masks, and colorful parades take over the city dancing on the tunes of bands.

Explore Goa

The prime places of interest that are to be visited while in the city include: the 12 plus beaches of Goa, Bom Jesus Basilica, Kala Academy, Shree Manguesh Shantadurgai Prasanna Temple,  Goa Chitra Museum, Naval Aviation Museum, Church of St Francis of Assisi, Goa State museum, Christian Art Museum, Houses of Goa, Church of St. Catejan, Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa. Goa boasts of a wide range in the lodging options, which make for a significant aspect for tourism. The beach hotels are quite popular among the tourists as they offer a relaxing and tranquil stay. Meanwhile, the 5 Star hotels in Goa make sure that each guest is spoiled with the exquisite services and luxuries of a stay.Explore Goa


Making things further interesting, today there are many travel companies that offer lucrative Explore Goa holiday packages that are made to help the tourists with their tour. While booking a hotel room you might like to check if there are any tour packages provided by them or not. It is a good practice and helps you get the best of your tour.

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