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Top 10 Architectural Wonders of World

On a trip, a traveler looks for the history, culture, natural beauty, cuisines, shopping, the list is endless. These things are available almost everywhere, the only difference a tourist finds anywhere is in the amazing architectural wonders. Here are the great architectures you must visit in your lifetime.

Top 10 Architectural Wonders of World

1. St. Petersburg, Russia

The St. Petersburg offers you to witness the beauty of two major and splendid architectural beauty, Winter Palace and Kazan Cathedral. It has distinct style using light colors, asymmetrical designs, curves, and gold. It is based on the designs and art from the Rococo period. The interiors are done with amazing art, elegant and stylish furniture, sculptures, mirrors, and paintings.

2. Athens, Greece

Greece is well known for its ancient history. This history has given the ruins of ancient architectural buildings. At Athens, there are temples, sculptures of long back eras that are worth visit. The Athens is the place of Classical architecture, visit Temple of Hephaestus, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and, Parthenon.

3. Budapest, Hungary

At Budapest, the architecture took the form of Art Nouveau in the late 19th century. The major highlights of this art are visible at Danube, Gresham Palace, Hotel Gellert, Museum and botanical gardens. The main feature of this art are the organic shapes, colorful flourishments and use of iron.

4. Rome, Italy

Rome is the favorite destination among tourists, the main attraction of this place is the architectural beauty. It is the city of ancient Baroque architecture. You can visit St.Peter’s Square, Santi Luca e Martina, or Trevi Fountain.

5.Tel Aviv, Israel

Among the UNESCO World Heritage site, the White City of Tel Aviv has over 3500 buildings of international style. Mostly built in between 1930 to 1940. These were built for the purpose to accommodate the Jewish immigrants. Architects from Bauhaus Art School of Germany built the affordable buildings with modern style and functionalities. They kept Mediterranean climate in mind for designing the buildings.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a wealthy city in terms of the cultural heritage site, this makes it a place of tourists attractions. The best architectural work has been done by Antonio Gaudi and Lluis Domenech. You can see Antonio’s signature style in the form of ceramic and stained glass mosaics. They look marvelous.

7.Florence, Italy

Italy is the place where you can see Renaissance in plenty. In late 14th century, the style and pattern of structural buildings took reform. Columns and domes started dominating the constructions. It can be best seen at Florence’s Duomo and Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.

8.Istanbul, Turkey

If you will enter into the Hagia Sophia Mosque, you will get to see the wonder of architectural designs. The Byzantine dome and colorful mosaics look amazing, you cannot take your eyes off it. You can see the Ottoman minarets with Islamic calligraphy which is really superb.

9. Dubai, UAE

Encompassing the world famous and the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa makes Dubai a place to visit for architectural wonders. It is a seven-star hotel of, that brought the transformation in Dubai.

10. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a city in Morocco featuring mosques, palaces, and gardens, with designs making them a wonder. The pillars with floral designs and the patterns show the exceptional Moorish architecture of 12th to 17th century.

If you are fond of the beauty in carvings of walls and designs and patterns of buildings, go for a trip to any the above-listed place.

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