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7 Best Places to Visit in Telangana

Telangana is the youngest state of India formed after the partition from Andhra Pradesh. From the administration to the land, everything divided between the two states, even the tourist places. Let’s have a look at the tourist places that this Telangana state encompasses. Here is the list of Places.

7 Best Places to Visit in Telangana

1. Hyderabad

The city of Nizams is the capital city of Telangana is Hyderabad. It is the largest city with much more to offer. Visit Charminar, the ancient monumental structure. There is an old mosque and on the other side, there is a famous glittering bangle market, Laad Bazaar. The Golconda Fort is a historical place in Hyderabad, housing many getaways, market, and palaces. It was the vault to safely keep the elegant Kohinoor Diamond of India. Give a whole day visit to widespread Ramoji Film City. Also, Being there you can list the name of movies, with the scenes of this place.However, Visit Lumbini park to witness the 58 feet tall statue of Lord Buddha.

2. Warangal

The Warangal district of Telangana possesses ancient temples, lakes, and monuments. The famous one is the Thousand Pillar Temple. It is a star in shape, dedicated to 3 Gods, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Sun. Apart from this visit Warangal fort, Pakhal Lake, Kakatiya Rock Garden and much more.

3. Nizamabad

An important city of Telangana, Nizamabad have forts and ancient temples worth visit. You can plan your trip to visit Nizamabad Fort, pocharam wildlife sanctuary, archeological museum, Nizam Sagar Dam, Alisagar Reservoir, Mallaram forest and Kanteshwar.

In history, Mahbubnagar was the place of Satavahanas and Chalukya Dynasties. This city too has the forts and palaces as the major attraction. Tourists visit Peerlamari, to witness a banyan tree, age more than 800 years old. Also, Other attractions include Farahabad, Alampur, Gadwall.

5. Karimnagar

Among the major attractions of Karimnagar, Elgandal fort is the main one, for its prime location. Amidst the palm groves beside Manair River, this fort gives the essence of history with the beauty of nature. Also, Other tourist attractions of this place are Jagtial Fort, Ramagiri Fort, Ujwala Park, Vemulawda.

6. Adilabad

The Adilabad city has many wildlife sanctuaries. Possessing many waterfalls and parks is an add on to the beauty of this city. The city is famous for its exclusive handicrafts. You can visit Kuntala Waterfalls, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Pochera Waterfalls, Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary, Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary. Basar Saraswathi Temple is a must visit for its beautiful location on the bank of River Godavari.


Medak is mainly famous for its natural beauty and rich flora and fauna. For nature lovers, this place offers to see species of migratory birds and other wildlife.It has a historical connection with Neolithic era, there are rock paintings of this era, you must see. The wildlife sanctuary, Medak cathedral are the tourist attractions. The architecture of gothic style is marvelous.

However, Telangana is an also new form state, it has the history of long back eras. This state is not less in natural beauty too. Hills, rivers, a variety of flora and faunas add on to the wealth of tourism in this state. You can enjoy your holiday at any of this place and can explore much more.

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