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Top 8 Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, a north-eastern state and one among the seven-sister states of India. The name Meghalaya means the ‘abode of clouds‘. It has three, Garo, Khasi and Jaintia Hills, with lush greenery. Meghalaya is the state of serene beauty and pleasant weather. It receives a good deal of rainfall that helps to keep this place evergreen. Travelling through the state will give you a memory of a lifetime. Here is the list of places you can visit in Meghalaya.

Top 8 Places to Visit in Meghalaya

1. Shillong

You can start your journey with Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. Best known as the ‘Scotland of East’ because of its hills and narrow lanes. Shillong Peak, famous as the picnic spot, is the highest point in the state. Witness the scenic beauty here. There is a well maintained Lady Hyadri Park with a mini zoo, relax here. An artificial Wards lake is worth visiting for its beautiful gardens and view. You can have fun by boating.

2. Root Bridge

Want to have an adventure, go to the Living Root Bridge in the dense forest. You can walk over it like you do on any wooden bridge, be cautious as it is slippery too. It gets rot by time due to rains, mainly in the Monsoons. For tourists, it is unique and is a major attraction, especially the Double Decker root bridge in Nongriat.

3.Mawsmai Cave

There are many caves in Meghalaya, among them, the Mawsami Cave is the longest one.
It is located in Cherrapunji. Visiting here will give you a thrilling experience. The cave is formed of limestone. The most wonderful thing about this cave is the natural stalagmites in the shape of humans. The rocks are slippery, walk slowly.

4. Garo Hills

The beauty of hills is always a major attraction for tourists. Enjoy the lush green landscape beauty with cool weather. The surrounding is quite soothing. Visit the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Siju Wildlife Sanctuary, the major places to visit here.

5. Nohkalikai Falls

The Nohkalikai Falls with 1,1115 feet is the tallest and the highest waterfall in India. It has location near Cherrapunji. Water falling from the height is powerful that has pool has formed in the down with green color water in it.

6.Elephant Falls

Elephant falls is another attraction, 12 km from Shillong. The water streaming down through the multi- tier rocks look amazing. The name Elephant Falls is given due to an Elephant shape rock beside the waterfall. Sunset time is best to visit this picturesque place.

7.Laitlum Canyon

This place is perfect for trekkers. You just need to be ready with the right stuff and local help as it is a bit difficult. For experts, it will be surely a fun. Once you are on top of the hill, you will get to see the spell bound beauty around. You can enjoy at the Lwai Falls located on the East side of Khasi hills. Visiting Laitlum Canyon will be a complete adventure.

8.Don Bosco Museum

Apart from landscapes, you can visit the Don Bosco Museum. It showcases the culture and tradition of North-eastern people. The display of tribal lifestyle is superb. Visiting here you will get to know the entire lifestyle of people of this area. You can not miss this place.

North-Eastern states are not much explored, making it least known places. But the hidden corner of India’s beauty is really worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

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