Top 6 Travel Destinations in India


India is a paradise for tourists. With several features options, Indian has lots of travel destinations to attract the guests. From beach locations, hill stations, deserts, locations of traditional importance, creative historical monuments, destinations comprising the structural elegance of historical Indian, flatlands and isles, travel destinations in India are a unique combination of elegance, appeal and comfort. Record out the top 6 travel destinations in India, a must to check out places!

  • Kodaikanal

kodaikanal Top 6 Travel Destinations in India

Among the India’s famous hill stations, a well liked honeymoon destination, an area of hills, princess of  hill stations in India, gift of the forest! All they’re attributed the most popular and prominent tourist destination in India, Kodaikanal. The hill station is located in the scenic Western Ghats.

 one of the travel destinations is Kodaikanal was once used limited to tea cultivation by the English before a hundred or so years, now because of its breathtaking attractions, tropical climate, soothing atmosphere, scenic beauty, blissful nature has transformed into the most sought after tourist destination for vacationers, especially honeymooners. Kodaikanal isn’t about just one aspect. It is about lush green dense forest, many different flora and fauna, silver waterfalls, magnificent travel spots, mystifying mammoth rocks, and much more. Kodaikanal is the greatest destination for many budgets, from luxury to economy.

  • Manali:

manali travel destinations in India Top 6 Travel Destinations in India

Manali, a prominent travel destination in the north India, located at the north end of the beautiful Kullu Valley in their state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali may be the supreme and popular hill station in the Kullu valley and often Manali is known as as Kullu-Manali. Manali, a lovely hill station is surrounded by wonders which give you a visual treat and a blissful retreat to the visitors. The sweetness of Manali is about its encircles, which are foggy and snowy hills, scenic valley views, uninhabited nature, oblique Beas River, dense pine woods, etc.

Manali is one of the hardly any hill stations that rose to fame exclusively because of its splendid aesthetic beauty! Called as Queen of Valleys, another specialty of Manali, which overpowers other nearby hill stations, may be the splendor of the river combined with the vivacious crop orchards and blossoming greenery, which rises around the peak of the mountains dressed snowy white, covered with snow!

Manali is not only famed for the picturesque beauty, but in addition for the adventurous and thrilling activities like snowboarding, skiing, trekking, water rafting, skating, etc. Manali has two different facets as a favorite tourist destination. During summer, it is just a cool and refreshing retreat for the visitors, whereas during winter, it is just a mystical and magical place covered with snow beds, needless to say, a haven for thrill seekers.

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

Andaman Top 6 Travel Destinations in India

Islands are the best locations for the loving vacations, where the partners can hug under the sun in the enchanting beach locations along with experiencing the wonderful greetings and pleasure of the surf. In this perspective, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the best and must to see romantic destinations in India.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands1 Top 6 Travel Destinations in India

Tranquil beach locations, unique place, wonderful landscapes with vibrant blossoms, wonderful grape lines in the beach range, etc add energy and tempts the guests to chill out in the characteristics. Get some few remembrances of friendly relationship, fun and comfort by going to the Andaman and Nicobar Isles.

  • Agra – Taj Mahal:

tajmahal Top 6 Travel Destinations in India

As it pertains to India and romantic getaway destinations in India, Taj Mahal is the utmost effective most destinations that everyone remembers. It is found in the City of Agra, New Delhi. Being one of many wonders of the planet, Taj Mahal also shares the listing of top vacation spots in India. Taj Mahal may be the beautiful and colossal structure construed by the Emperor Shahjahan, to depict his love and passion he had on his Wife Mumtaz.

It took around 22 years to perform the construction. Each and every area of the breathtaking architecture depicts the love of the king. Moreover, it’s constructed on the banks of the river Yamuna, which will make the romantic destination, more romantic. Best time to see and love this particular romantic destination is during the entire moon day.

  • Coorg:

coorg banner3 Top 6 Travel Destinations in India

Would you ever endured the dream of visiting Scotland and couldn’t make your dream come true. You are able to take pleasure in the visiting the Scotland of India, Coorg. It is definitely an intoxicated and isolated destination situated in the south India, in their state of Karnataka.

Coorg travel destinations in India Top 6 Travel Destinations in India

It can also be one of many top vacation spots in India. Couples can enjoy their weekend travel in the secluded paradise midst of the wonderful nature, within the hill by dense forest using one side and plantation and landscape garden on another side. Sprawl in the misty clouds, in this misty hill to produce your weekend providing some everlasting memories.

  • Kumarakom

kumarakom backwaters.jpg Top 6 Travel Destinations in India

One of the attractive cities in the State of Kerala, from the South Indian, is the highly recommended travel destination in India. Kumarakom is the suburbs enclosed by wonderful lakes, backwaters, wonderful paddy areas, personal attention grape groves, and much more of natural advantage. Backwater cruise in the houseboat is something that provides a incredible pleasure to the loving partners. Honeymooners should not skip going to the Kumarakom, one of the most loving destinations in India.

Final Words:

Each aspect of Indian and each issue in Indian have some unique travel destinations combined with the best of nature’s present and man-made facilities. You will find everything you want have fun with as a visitor in Indian from cheerful seashores, little isles, mountains and hills, external and unique landscapes, and much additional.


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