Ramakkalmedu Hill station


ramakkalmedu hill station

The simplest way to flee the scorching heat of Indian summer is to flee to 1 of the numerous hills stations that’s scattered all around the country. However if you intend to visit the very best hill station, then it’d undoubtedly take the south Indian state of Kerala. This small state is number 1 in regards to beautiful holiday destinations, especially hill stations. There are numerous Kerala hill stations in this state and one of them may be the Ramakkalmedu Hill station which are observed in the district Idukki , approx 15 kms from Nedumkandom. Wrapped in lush green vegetation and full of fresh healthy air, Ramakkalmedu  hill station is actually charming. As you drive up the roads, the green hills starts to unfold and goes in its arms, making your forget precisely what bothers you making you lose yourself in the magic of the moment. The fascinating view of the nearby villages that you will see from here’s truly mesmerizing and there’s nothing can beat experiencing such organic beauty with your own personal eyes.

Ramakkal medu

The term Ramakalmedu means the footprints of Rama. Legend has it that the revered Hindu God Rama used to be here and there’s an imprint of his foot on one of many rocks within this region. Hence this place is recognized as blessed and each year tens and thousands of people come here out of the respect for their god. Ramakkalmedu hill station can be noted for generating power with the aid of winds as high velocity winds blow out here, rendering it well suited for wind power generation.  Such electricity generated is employed for commercial purpose, causeing the place self sufficient. This hill station is fantastic for a peaceful getaway from the commotion of one’s hectic life because it allows you to lose yourself in the lap of nature. It is just a true delight for nature lovers while they get an unusual change in the future surprisingly near to nature. A few of the interesting places you are able to visit when you are here would be the rocky pillar like structure which will be about 300 metres tall, the frog rock, the turtle rock, the nearby jungles and villages etc. You may be assured that an individual will be here, you’ll melt away in the magic with this place and the wonder of nature.

Ramakkalmedu Hills stations

This hill station may be easily reached from all of the major cities of Kerala. The nearest railway station are at Changanachery which will be about 93 kms and the nearest airport are at Madurai in Tamil Nadu, about 140 kms away. From here you receive regular buses and taxis which will get you here. The very best time to see this hill station will be involving the months of summer as the occasions is likely to be cool and pleasant to take pleasure from a myriad of activities. Hotels and rest houses can be found for comfortable accommodation. The great natural beauty that surrounds this place made more valuable by the divine touch makes this place a good and must visit place, at least once in your forever.

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