Nilambur Hill station


Nilambur Hill station

 The Nilambur hill station is famous hill station of kerala because of its rich ecosystem. Well known hill Station of Kerala – Nilambur hill station best spot because of natural beauty.It’s located in Malapuram district of Kerala and is renowned for his endowed with peaceful natural beauty and popularsts, especially the teak plantations, the waterfalls, the rivers, the wildlife habitats etc. It’s situated on the Western Ghats, very near to the Nilgiri hills on the banks of river Chaliyar. Each year tens and thousands of people come here to take pleasure from the peaceful natural surroundings, the cool pleasant climate and the quiet atmosphere and to have a break from the hustle and bustle of these hectic life. Kerala is certainly one of typically the most popular tourist destinations on earth noted for its diverse places of tourist attractions and unique natural beauty. It’s everything this one will need an ideal holiday, from beaches to hill stations, from backwaters to wildlife parks, from history to culture and all of the comfort that you’d normally expect from your own holiday. The Nilambur hills are among the must visit places whenever you visit this state.

Nilambur Hill

The Nilambur hills have the oldest teak plantation of the entire world called the Conolly’s Plot. It gets the tallest and the largest teak tree in the Nilambur teak reserve. The climatic conditions listed below are perfect for teak plantation. Besides teak it can be fabled for bamboos. Infact the term ‘Nilambur‘ itself means ‘Host to Nilimba ‘, where ‘Nilimba‘ could be the Sanskrit word for bamboo. There’s a teak museum run by the forest department that houses various artefacts, exhibits, and information linked to teak. It can be fabled for the Nilambur Vettekkoru Makan Paattu which can be an annual event of the Nilambur Kovilakom Temple. Pretty much 18 kms from the key town is Nedumkayam, which can be fabled for its rain forests. It’s highly protected and passes have to be obtained from the forest department to enter here. You will receive a rare possibility to start to see the exotic flora and fauna inside this rain forest. You may also be able to go to some primitive tribes who reside in these jungles and get inspired by considering how simply they live their lives.

Nilambur Hill Station

Another tribal settlement of this type is situated on the hilltop of Valamthode. Here you also will have the ability to see many primitive tribes. Another famous thing about any of it town could be the cluster of Kovilakoms, that have been the residences of the Rajas or local rulers in the olden days. These structures are constructed with beautifully carved woods and are majestic to check at. This awesome hill station may be reached in lots of ways. The nearest railway station reaches Shornur which falls in Nilambur Railway line and the nearest airport reaches Kozhikode which can be just 26 kms away. Besides this it’s well attached to the remaining portion of the state with a great network of roadways. The most effective season ahead here’s during summer time months as the elements is likely to be cool and pleasant. A visit to Nilambur hill station would have been a trip to keep in mind all of your life.