Neelimala Hill station


Neelimala Hill station There are certainly a few places on the face area of our planet that inspire individuals around to world to include their soul to provide the most effective touch to the description of such places. I take the pleasure in presenting you one of many heartiest places of Wayanad district of Kerala, the Neelimala hill station.It is really a hill station formed by steep slopes to decrease your pace so you may invest some time to sip the natural beauty.

The Kerala hill station becomes a paradise for the travelers right after the monsoon season of June/July once the hill queen has finished taking her shower in the monsoon rains to become much more gorgeous and fascinating. You might be wondering what the pride of the area is. My answer for your requirements would be-none. No there’s nothing in the area that which makes it proud, no nothing. Not the best constructions, neither the largest of the entire world, no. the area is focused on just scenic beauty, the wonder of the type so much virgin and untouched by the current world as though the area is left untouched from the full time of its genesis.

Neelimala Hill

Here the entire world are at peace that may blow away your senses of happiness as a result of overwhelming joy as a result of beauty of the place. Right after the rains the Meenmutti waterfalls becomes gushing with the milky white waters that provide a tranquilizing effect to the eyes of the onlooker. The fall tears through the dense greenery of the thick forests of Wayanad. The Meenmutti cascades down to create out an excellent picturesque scene which can be enjoyed from the Neelimala viewpoint seated near to Vaduvanchal in Wayanad.

Just before Kalpetta, over the Ooty road travelling via Meppadi and after on reaching Vaduvanchal on the best we reach Chundale. The easiest way to attain the Neelimala viewpoint is by hiring a taxi that’s readily available at Vaduvanchal. After travelling for around three hours the terrain becomes steep and rugged after travelling for sometime you can reach a tribal village. The village is surrounded by the plantations of coffee and the pepper cover the surrounding the areas. The spot is really a backpacker’s destination and hence makes certain that you don’t lose out to hold along your trekking gears as you want for the break here.

Neelimala Hills Neelimala hill station – ideal place for trekking in western ghats . The trekking as much as the Neelimala hill station viewpoint follows the route which in the beginning ascends as much as about ½ km then descends through a slender pathway and finally steeps upward to open as much as the nice views of the hills before you of the towering trees on a single side of you and on another side of you the land bare off grass and filled up with boulders, the panorama is amazing you will love capturing every view in your lenses. Come and Feel the wonder with this exquisite hill and glorify the wonder from your own inner soul and delightful heart.

Dealing with the area is no hassle but allow me to offer you a the fundamentals of the transport-

Nearest railhead- Kozhikode (80 km from Vaduvanchal)

Nearest airport- Karipur International Airport (95 km from Vaduvanchal)