Matheran- the pristine hill station


Matheran pristine hill station - matheran hills

Matheran is pristine hill station among the hill stations that is found in close proximity to Mumbai. This pristine hill station was discovered in the entire year 1850 by the British in their reign and subsequently they developed this place in to a summer retreat. This hill station is situated at the height of 800 meters above the ocean level. This serene place offers cooling escape from soaring temperature. However, the absolute most unique thing about that place is that vehicles are prohibited here- even bicycles. So, it’s a relaxing spot to rejuvenate and relax from daily din and pollution.



This place is situated around 100 kilometres (62 miles) east of Mumbai, in their state of Maharashtra.

How to visit Matheran


Now, nearly all of you could be convinced that dealing with Matheran is a hard task. The truth is, dealing with Matheran is among the easiest tasks. Moreover, it’s a well known selection for leisurely vacation. You’ll easily get yourself a two hour train from Neral. To attain to Neral from Mumbai, take one hour local train preferably local train- either Deccan Express that departs CST at 7.10 a.m and arrives at 8.40 a.m or the Koyna Express that departs CST at 9.00 a.m and arrives at 10.30 a.m. Alternatively, you are able to go for a taxi that you could take from Neral to Dasturi car park, it’s around three kilometre from the pristine hill station. From there you are able to ride through to a horseback. Porters will also be available.

Cost of the trip


Visitors are charged additional Capitation tax to enter this city. It will be paid on the arrival at the toy train station or car park. The fee is Rs 25 for adults and Rs 10 for children.



As a result of high altimeter, this place is cooler and less humid climate than surrounding areas like Mumbai and Pune. In summer, the temperature reaches to 32 degree Celsius whilst in winter it drops to 15 degree Celsius. This place is noted for heavy monsoon downpours through the months of June to September. The roads get muddy easily, since they are not sealed. Consequently, through the monsoon season the activities are reduced. The most effective time to see this place is right after the monsoon season, from Mid-September to mid-October, when nature is in its full bloom.

Matheran Attraction

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Visitors are drawn to the place because it provides tranquillity and serenity. Here the vehicles are prohibited; hence old modes of transport like horses and hand pulled carts are used. This place is blessed with nature bounties like dense forest, long walking tracks, panoramic views, etc. You will find around 35 large and small view points at the hill stop. Early risers can go and view Panorama Point for spectacular sunrise, while sunset could be best viewed from Porcupine point or Sunset point.

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