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Top 5 Tourist Places of Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur is a North-eastern city of Uttar Pradesh along the Rapti River side. This place is the home of a famous religious leader Saint Gorakhshanath. These days it is also famous for the constituency of Uttar Pradesh’s CM Yogi Adityanath. Gorakhpur is a perfect place for family holidays.

In and around, 5 places to visit in Gorakhpur

1. Gorakhnath Temple –

This temple is a preaching shrine for Nath Sampradaya. This temple is a devotion to the Saint Gorakhnath. The name of this city is taken from this Math. This temple has its origin in the 12th century. The temple has saint’s shrine, his footsteps, and his seat, that was the place of his Yoga practice. Food is donated to all devotees during the festival of Makar Sankranti. Inside Temple premises, there is an artificial pond.

2. Archeological Museum –

If you want to know about the past and present of Gorakhpur, visit the Archeological museum from the year 1957. This Museum is a place to know the history, rules, culture, traditions and archeological findings of Gorakhpur. The artifacts here are the ancient coins, sculptures, paintings, stone tools, jewelry from ages and postal stamps too.

3. Gita Press –

Hindu religious scriptures and books is famous mainly through Gita Press. It is world’s largest press. Printing since 1923, the main motto of this press is to promote Hinduism. With its year’s old service this Printing press has become worth visiting.

4. Railway Museum-

To bring more tourism in Gorakhpur, the Railway Museum with amusement park is an addition to the place of a public visit from 2007. The most amazing thing over here is the steam engine of Lord Lawrence. Actually, it was built in the year 1874 and imported to India by ship. You can see the photo gallery, uniforms, old clocks and other engines. Enjoy the toy train ride with kids.

5. Nehru Park –

This Park looks beautiful with fountains and twinkling multi colored lights. After visiting all the places, you can come to this Park in evening to get refresh through its beauty. The scenic surrounding and lush green aura will make you calm. There are huge lawns, picnic spots, and many attractions for children.

This place is so much in news these days for political reasons. To see another side of Gorakhpur visit there once.

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