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Kerala has many museums. It would be exciting to plan a trip to check out all these traditional and traditional museums in the condition. Besides providing a window to the wealthy social culture of Kerala, these museums also speak amounts of the state’s fantastic traditional background.
While you are experiencing your vacations in Kerala, you cannot afford to miss the museums in Kerala. It is a known fact that the condition of Kerala has had a wealthy social culture. The wonder of the past times of Kerala seems to come in existence through the numerous traditional artifacts shown in the museums of Kerala. Whether a record fan or an historical artifacts fan, these museums encourage one and all to gain an understanding into the vivid past of Kerala. It is exciting to note that these Kerala museums function some artifacts whose record goes returning to the Rock Age. Given below are some of the most visited museums in the condition of Kerala.
Ambalavayal Heritage Museum in Wayanad 

It is one of the most visited museums in the Wayanad region of Kerala. The traditional museums display a wealthy selection of antiquities. You can also observe artifacts from the 2nd millennium.
Cochin Historical Collection Kochi

India has the eminence of presenting a naval power that positions among the Top 10 Naval Abilities on the globe. The country is really extremely pleased of the effort and dedication that the Naval Force of indian provides. The museum appears in dedication to the indian fast.
Hill Palace Museum Kochi

While you check out here, do remember that you are at the Kerala’s first ever culture museum. Constructed in the year 1865, the Mountain Framework Collection of Kochi is one of the most seen museums in the condition. The museum consumes a amazing location on a hillock. Magnificently set out landscapes around the museums add much beauty to the position.
Indo Portuguese Museum Kochi

Colonial kings have in many ways affected the indian art and structure. Recognized far and extensive, the Indo Colonial Collection in Kochi is a big fascination for visitors. Even today, the Indo-Portuguese culture endures. The museum is devoted to this very art culture.
Museum of Kerala History Ernakulam

This is one of the best museums in Kerala. It is located 8 km away from Ernakulam region at Edappally. The incredible statue of sage Parshurama (creator of Kerala) greets every guest. The audio and mild display is primary fascination of the museum, which shows the 2000 years old record of Kerala.
Krishnan Menon Collection Calicut

Krishnan Menon Collection CalicutKrishnan Menon Collection is located in Calicut, Kozhikode, which is devoted to the former defense reverend and Chief executive of indian – Shri Krishnan Menon. Here you can find the selection of his personal valuables and gifts of him. A area of museum also shows the amazing artwork by Raja Ravi Verma and Raja Raja Verma.
Priyadarshini Museum Thiruvananthapuram

Priyadarshini museum is one of the best innovative planetariums in indian. In this planetarium there is a Sky cinema, meeting area, classes, audio companies etc. This planetarium can seat 184 persons at a time and has global requirements. There is a very huge projector here which shows all the noticeable parts in the Galaxy. As the Galaxy is shown in front of us very closely, we forget the actual distance of it from us.
Several shows have been performed here. One of the primary display is the ‘Man and the Universe’ that deals with the source and the stages in the development of astronomy, structure and function of planet’s and the source of Galaxy.
Thrithala Palakkad Museum 
An important historical museum, located in Palakkad region, the Thrithala Palakkad Collection is located on the financial institutions of Barathapuzha Stream. The most amazing aspect of the position is that it is an historical traditional site of the condition that is well maintained until time frame. Thrithala is known for its historic remains and historical monuments that go returning to as early as the 9th or Tenth millennium. The remains of a large citadel with a deep moat hewn from laterite and the Kattil Madom forehead, a domed structure of marble pieces on the Pattambi – Guruvayoor Street are the primary destinations. The the forehead probably represents the conversion from the Chola to the Pandya design of structure. Thrithala is popular for its Shiva forehead that has an exciting tale behind it.
Pazhassiraja Museum Kozhikode

 The Pazhassi Raja museum and the art collection of Kozhikode was known as after the popular Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma of the Kottayam stylish close relatives. Duplicates of historical painting artwork, items, bronzes, old silver coins, designs of wats or temples, megalithic historical monuments and outdoor umbrella rocks are all present in the museum., which is a must check out position when in the city. The museum will be open on all days except national vacations from 10 am to 5 pm.
Munnar Tea Museum

Tea farms are a major fascination for visitors in Kerala. Found at globe popular hill place of Munnar, the Tea Collection is a amazing effort by the Tata Company. The museum can also be visited during your tea farmville farm trips in Kerala.
A sundial, placed on a marble block, which was created in 1913 at Art Commercial School at Nazareth, Tamil Nadu, meets a guest to the Tea Collection. Some of the exciting products on display at the museum consist of the unique tea curler – ‘Rotorvane,’ going returning to 1905, used for CTC type tea handling. The ‘Pelton Wheel’ used in the power generation plant that persisted in the Kanniamallay estate in the Twenties, a train engine rim of the Kundale Area Light Train that shuttled men and material between Munnar and Top Station during the first half of the last millennium are other products on display. A area of the museum also homes traditional bungalow furniture, typewriters, wood made shower, magneto phone, iron stove, guide hand calculators and EPABX of the1909 telephone system.
A business presentation room for tea flavored is another fascination where one would come across different types of tea. Those desperate to understand the technicalities of tea handling can do so at the CTC and traditional tea-manufacturing unit at the museum.
Trichur Archaeological Museum
Positioned on the Town Hall Street in Thrissur, the Trichur Archaeological Collection features an stylish structure. At the museum are shown an array of eye catching paintings and antiquities obtained from all across the condition of Kerala.
Thrissur Archaeological Collection is popular for its selection of paintings and artifacts brought there from across the condition. The museum also has big life-size sculptures of prestigious traditional numbers. The museum also has designs of historical wats or temples and historical monuments.
An exciting selection amongst the many artifacts is the “olagrandhangal”, which are parchments created of dry hand results in. These delicate manuscripts are maintained until time frame with much care in this museum. Remarkably, most of the artifacts of this museum were retrieved from the heavy jungles of Thrissur and Wayanad region of Kerala.
Napier Museum Trivandrum

 The Napier Collection is one of the earliest museums of indian. A modern of the indian Collection Calcutta and Madras Government Collection, this amazing and historic database of the artifacts and valued valuables of Kerala was designed in 1857 at the putting in a bid of Maha Raja Uthram Thirunal, His Highness Maharaja Raja Ramaraja Sri Padmanabha Dasa Vanchi Pala Marthanda Varma II, Kulashekara Kiritapati Mannaneya Sultan Bahadur Shamsher Jung, Raja of Travancore. The old developing that located the museum was destroyed and the base for the new developing known as after Master David Napier, the Governor Common of Madras obama administration was set in 1874. The popular designer David Chisholm of Madras School Us senate and Victoria Funeral popularity was requested the project the construction was complete by 1880.
Natural History Museum

The Organic History Collection is located in a huge, modern, double-storeyed developing at the southern end of the Napier Collection and zoo complicated within the museum property. This museum was established with the employees selection of nutrients and books presented by Common Cullen in 1885. The different and wealthy selections are now on display at this new developing designed in 1964.
The museum has individual galleries showing packed animals, parrots, lower vertebrates and invertebrates. The shows of non-renewable shrub trunks near the entry are another big sketch. There is an art selection that emphasize Kerala’s wealthy culture in stone, wood and metal statue. There are catalog selections, a bones collection and lab. Besides these historical and social samples, this museum has an outstanding ethnographic selection.
Kuthiramalika Museum
Kuthiramalika Framework Collection, a traditional sample of Kerala Architecture is located in ‘Kuthiramalika’. The palace, with its outstanding designs and amazing structural designs, is by itself a piece of culture. The museum has a variety of shows comprising the erstwhile condition of Travancore.
The Kuthiramalika Framework was designed by His Highness the Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma of Travancore. The Framework museum ornamented with artwork and enjoyable selections of the erstwhile stylish close relatives. It is an example of Travancore design of structure.

Sree Chitra Artistry Gallery

Located in the Napier Collection reasons, Sree Chitra Art Gallery shows select Paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, Svetlova and Nicholas Roerich and beautiful works from the Rajput, Mughal and Tanjore educational institutions of art in Indian. The selection also includes artwork from Chinese suppliers, Asia, Tibet and Indonesia.
The art collection located in a traditional developing next to Napier Collection, homes the selections of the Travancore judgment close relatives, and consist of an exciting variety of turn-of-the-century Arabic school artwork, and Rajasthani and Mughal miniatures

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