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7 Historical Forts of Goa

Goa is more associated to beaches the fact is here you can see the parallel beauty of hills, waterfalls and famous historical forts too. These forts are from Mughal era and Portuguese regime. That symbolizes the history of Goa.

7 Majestic And Historical Forts of Goa

1. Aguada Fort-

Portuguese built this fort with their beautiful and creative architecture. It is said that this Aguada fort stands as a symbol of Portuguese influence in the region and as a specimen of their architecture. Aguada means water, this name was given as there were many water springs at this site. Inside the fort, there is a lighthouse that is said to be built-in the 19th century. Talking about present condition, only some part of the buildings of this fort is good. A part of which is in use as a prison now, making it the largest prison in Goa.

2. Corjuem Fort –

Having it’s location in Aldona village around Mapusa River, this fort is a construction by Portuguese in 1705. Visiting this fort you can enjoy the beautiful and natural view of the surroundings. Khorjeum fort is another name of this fort. Being one of the smallest forts doesn’t obstruct its beauty.

3. Terekhol Fort-

Sawantwdi ruler, Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsale built this fort, later on in 1746 Portuguese captured this fort. Portuguese in their own style rebuilt this fort. They built a church in the premises. That is 100 years old. This fort is famous as the revolt site, against Portuguese rule. The only thing is that you can witness its beauty from outside, as it is not open to the public now.

4. Chapora Fort-

Adilshah of Bijapur built the original structure and in 1617 Portuguese rebuilt a fort here. They used red laterite stone. 22 kms away from Panaji, now the fort is remaining with gigantic walls. Visiting here you can capture the fantastic view of Vagator beach.

5. Reis Magos fort-

Having it’s location on the right bank of Mandovi river, this fort by Portuguese exists since 1551. The purpose of this fort construction was to defend Goa against the intruders. There is a church at the base of the fort. In the east side, a spring flows that might have been the source of water of the inhabitants that time. This fort is now in use as a prison.

6. Cabo Fort –

Having it’s location on the southern coast of Goa, this fort has tarnishing marks on some sides. According to local people, this is the place where Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman stayed during their exile period. Portuguese after capturing this fort added buildings, a chapel here is one among them. Being old, this fort still looks young and royal.

7. Mormugao Fort-

This fort is exists for a purpose to protect Mormugao Harbour. With different buildings inside, today the remains of these buildings are kept in a preserve.

Apart from beaches visit these historical forts too. It is good to visit these forts in the day time.


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