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What to do in Geneva?

lg GenevaGeneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland, after Zurich and the biggest city in Romandy, the part of Switzerland where French is the main language. Geneva is a beautiful city, filled with history and culture, accessed by millions of tourists each year. Geneva is a marvelous city no matter the season.

How to get to Geneva?

Getting to Geneva is rather simple. The Geneva Airport is an international airport with connections all over the Globe. Some connections are only seasonal, but most of them are permanent. If you live near Switzerland you can easily visit it by train or with the help of your personal car. Geneva does not lack ways of getting into the city.

What do to in Geneva?

One thing is for sure. Here, you will be so busy with visiting as many things as possible that you will not have the time to get bored at all.

Here are a few things you can do in Geneva:

  1. Visit the Old City- situated near the Place du Bourg-de-Four and the Saint-Pierre cathedral, the old city is a must see. Besides the many shops, cafes and restaurants that are located here, you will delight yourself with great architecture. You also have to see the archeological sites beneath the cathedral before you wander off to a café.
  2. Go to the famous flea market- Plaine de Plainpalais is the best place to be every Saturday. You can find here vintage clothes, second hand toys and even large pieces of furniture at the best prices. You can even negotiate with the seller to lower the price and you will get a sweet deal.
  3. Learn something about particle physics- at CERN you can enjoy a guided tour and learn about particle physics.
  4. Go to Bains des Pâquis- there are many spas in Geneva, but this one is cheap and always open. You can enjoy a massage, sauna or a fondue at reasonable prices.slide-taxi-vert1-en

But before you get to enjoy all of that, you need a professional Geneva airport transfer to get you to your hotel. There are multiple companies that offer professional Geneva airport transfer. All you need to do is search for them, find the most convenient professional Geneva airport transfer and provide them your information, including arrival time.

Someone will be there to pick you up and give you the opportunity to enjoy professional Geneva airport transfer, while you sit back and be taken to your destination.

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