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Ganesh Chaturthi: Places to Visit in Mumbai

Ganesh Chaturthi, the celebration of Lord Ganesha’s birth in Mumbai is a Grand festival. Mumbai is a lively and happening city but there is something special during Ganpati festival. Every street looks colorful and bright with the processions. If you have any plan to visit Mumbai, try to make it during Ganpati Festival.
Here are the things to do while being in Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Places to Visit In Mumbai During Ganpati Festival

Artists on Work
The festival preparation starts quite early. Work on making giant size idols start months before. Artists from whole Maharashtra comes to Mumbai for this work. They create a number of idols, from a huge one to a small one in size. These Idols are to be worshipped by the Mumbaikars, either in the street pandals or in private ceremonies.
You can see the artists moulding and decorating the idols in a beautiful way. As the time comes close to the festival date, you will be able to see the artists giving the finishing touch to the statues. That makes the idol look almost alive. Go on a walk through the street, you will witness the mesmerizing art work.

Places to See Ganpati 
1.Lalbaugcha Raja- During Ganesh Chaturthi, in Mumbai you can find Ganpati almost everywhere. There are some famous places where you can see largest Ganpati. Lalbaug in Central Mumbai is a must see. The largest Ganpati idol is kept here called Lalbaugcha Raja. Million people come here to get a glimpse of Lalbaug ka Raja. If you want to avoid a lot of rush, visit on a weekday.

2. Mumbaicha Raja- This Ganpati Pandal is famous for its theme. Here you can see interesting theme around the idol. Every year the theme is different. It may be on Indian history, famous places or on some happenings. Here the crowd is small, you can visit easily.

3. Khetwadi Ganraj – Close to Girgaum Chowpatty, here the Khetwadi Ganraj shines with gold and diamonds. The idol is actually decked up in the gold jewelry.

4.GSB Seva¬†Ganesh Mandel – Located at Matunga, it is also called Mumbai’s gold Ganesha. Yes, the Ganesha over here put on more than 60 kg of pure gold jewellery. The Idol is Eco-friendly, made of clay. The best is the convenient aspect here. Here you will get elevated walkway, set to aid viewing the idol.

Famous Places In India

Immersion Day
The festival ends with Ganesh Visarjan, immersion of Idol into the water. The Visarjan is occurs on several days. If you are there, participate in the procession of the Visarjan.It is really very exciting. The music, colors, and dance make it vibrant. There are some famous idol immersion places. In north Mumbai, Juhu Beach, Versova beach, Powai lake and in south Chowpatty Beach are the great vantage point.
Either be a part of it or just be there to witness the amazing view. Watch thousands of people making their way to the sea shore. Later you will see glittering and colorful Ganesha floating above sea water.


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