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The Biryani City has Much More than Biryani: A Feast in Hyderabad

Good food is the true feast for not only stomach, but also heart and soul. And to savour such delicious a feast, one may run to every nook and corner of this world. Such is the miracle of good food. This time, to satiate your hearts with good food, visit the city of Hyderabad, because even if you are not a foodie, this city will make you one.

Regarding your concern on how to reach Hyderabad, there are a plenty of options. You can choose for either the plane way or the train route. Various trains run from Hyderabad to all major cities of India, and vice versa from the Hyderabad Deccan railway station, and the Kachiguda railway station. Check the train status and make your journey. There are also a plethora of flights which run everyday to and fro Hyderabad, like the flights from Hyderabad to Delhi, which run from Hyderabad to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. Check the flight timings and book in advance to save some bucks.

After you land in Hyderabad, and tour some of its amazing popular places, make way to gorge on these delicious dishes served here.

Keema Samosa

keema samosa

The rainy days become more perky with a cup of tea and keema samosa on the plate. The keema samosa is a perfect evening snack to be taken along with a cup of tea or coffee. The Gokul Chat Bhandar serves the best keema samosa. This is so delicious that you can’t help eating less than two.

Khatti Dal

khatti dal

Khatti Dal or sour lentils is a popular dish in Hyderabad. Made sour with tamarind, this delicious dal is smooth, flavourful and creamy. This mouth watering dal is served with Indian breads as well as rice. It is available at almost all the hotels and restaurants of Hyderabad. Have your dinner with this delicacy.

Boti Kebabs

Boti kabab

These scrumptious cubes of mutton are bound to woo the heart of every non vegetarian. They are non fried and grilled mutton pieces, tossed in delicious spices and served along with other vegetables. Bade Miyan Kababs is a popular restaurant for these types of kebabs and also the seekh kebabs.

Burani Raita

burani raita

No Hyderabadi meal is complete without the boondi burani raita (made of curd), or even the plain burani raita. It is garlic flavoured and is so much adored by the people. It is favoured along with the qabooli biryani, with which it tastes the best. Sip this delectable raita and satiate your hearts to the most.



Paya, made of lamb legs is a traditional dish of Hyderabad, which is made with delight during the festivals time. It is a popular non-vegetarian dish in Hyderabad, along with keema and roasted chicken. This is a curry dish, made with onions, tomatoes and various blends of spices is a must have for all the people who visit Hyderabad, because you can never have it the best, anywhere else.

Malai Korma

malai korma hyderabad

Feel like a royal Mughal king, savouring on this tasty malai korma, made with koftas of paneer and malai, soaked in a thick and delicious gravy. This vegetarian dish is a perfect for a grand and superior feast. Try this and you will definitely fall in love with it.

So, what is the wait for? Check for the next flights from Hyderabad to Delhi and vice versa and excuse yourself to visit Hyderabad, the City of not only Nizams, but also the best delicacies.

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