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7 Places to Visit in Bishnupur

Bishnupur is a small town in West Bengal, about 150 km away from Kolkata. This small town has many big attractions that one must visit. There are many temples demonstrating its rich cultural past, having famous terra cotta work over them and making it ‘The City of Temples’. This art work is carried forward is visible in the artifacts and pottery. You can get here beautiful jewelry and varieties of Baluchari Saree. Here are the places you must visit in Bishnupur.

7 Places to Visit in Bishnupur of West Bengal

  1. Rasmancha Temple

Bishnupur, the administrative capital under ancient Malla regime, King Vir Hambir is known to build this historical temple Rasmancha in 600 century.  The USP of this temple is its unique pyramidal structure made of brick. There are hut shape minarets surrounding this temple. You can see the amazing terracotta work and motifs as the ornate of these structures. The purpose of building this temple was to celebrate Ras Festival, all the idols of Radha-Krishna were brought to this temple by people of Bishnupur and was worshipped here.  You can get its mesmerizing view in the night time, the whole temple illuminates beautifully.

  1. Jorebangla Temple

Malla King Raghunath Singha Dev, in 1655 A.D built this architectural beauty, Jorebangla Temple. This temple depicts the ancient Bengal architecture and Chala style. The structure of temple consists two huts and tower in the middle is joining both of them. On the walls, beautiful carvings portray the story of royal lifestyles, epic stories, and battles.  The terracotta art work on walls and roofs attracts the tourists.

  1. Madanmohan Temple

One of the oldest temples in Bishnupur, Madanmohan Temple was built in the late 17th century.  The temple is built in Ekratna means single tower style. The temples’ roof is square in shape with curve cornices. On top, there is a pinnacle. This temple possess one of the finest terracotta artwork, you can see on the walls inside.

  1. Dalmadal Kaman Canon

Malla King in 1600 A.D, built the Dalmadal Kaman Canon to fight against the Maratha invasion.  This huge canon of 3.8 meters in length and a barrel of approx. 28 cm consists 63 iron plates in it. Out of its heavy weight. This canon is used to carrying by the elephants to the battle ground. Exposed in rain and sun from long back eras this iron canon does not have any rust.

  1. Radhe Govind Temple

One more temple by Malla Kings, with great mud and terracotta artwork, Radhe Govind Temple was built in 1729 A.D by King Krishna Singha. This temple is famous for its complex craft skills, visible on the walls of the temple.

  1. Acharya Jogesh Chandra Prakriti Bhawan

This is a museum of Bishnupur displaying the art work and archeology of this town. Various tools from the Mesolithic and Paleolithic era is on display here. Metal ornaments, terracotta sculptures are among the many attractive displays over here.  The remnants of Malla ruling era is a much interesting thing to see here.

  1. Susunia Pahar

A small hill in Bishnupur, Susunia Pahar is about 44 meter in height.  Visiting this hill you can see the inscriptions from the 4th-century ruler, Chandrabhama. There are two natural water spring Dhara and Silialipi giving an amazing view at the time of trekking.

If you have interest in historical culture and art works, Bishnupur is the place you can keep in your holiday bucket.


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