Visiting Thailand on a Budget


Many people would love to visit Thailand but think that they would not be able to afford it. However, it is not worth giving up on the idea because there are always ways to make a budget stretch if you really want it to.

bangkok beach

Firstly, Thailand is not an expensive destination if you stay in the right place and are careful with where you spend your money. If you do some research online first, you will be able to pick up all sorts of tips about how to find great bargains. It might take some time to do, but it is worth it as it could mean the difference between visiting the country and not being able to go.

royal palace bangkok

 There are people that think that you cannot enjoy a holiday if you do not have a lot of money. This is not true at all. It can be difficult if you are struggling to find enough money to eat, but part from food and drink, once you have paid for flights and hotels there is no need to spend much more money. If you pick the destination of your hotel very carefully then you should be able to walk to many lovely places. This means that you will not need to pay out on transport which will help keep the budget down a lot. You will be limited in how much you can see, but if you choose a great area, then there will be lots to see and do. Whether that is the natural beauty, the interesting buildings or even the people, there is lots to see in every place. Each place has its own story to tell and with some observation and imagination you can bring a place to life and enjoy lots about it, even if you are exploring only a small area. In fact only being able to see a small area can force you to slow down because you will be able to take your time and this could be a whole lot more relaxing.

bangkok at night

You could look at it that being on a budget could make your holiday more enjoyable. You will not have to rush around trying to cram everything in because you will not be able to afford to go to many places. You will have to enjoy the free natural beauty which can often be the best thing about a place anyway. Going to Thailand on a Budget, need not be a disaster, but could actually end up being the most interesting and relaxing holiday that you have ever had. You just need to be able to enjoy what you have and take advantage of the opportunities to have fun and wind down that are there to take for free.


You will have to save up for a flight and somewhere to stay, but this need not cost as much as you might think as long as you are prepared to be flexible and manage with something basic. You will want to be enjoying the country most of the time anyway and so this will not really matter.