10 Best vacation Destinations in india


Being the biggest continent on planet, Asia is dwelling to some of the most attractive and exotic locations in the world. topped up with natural wonders to dazzle your dream, delicacies that mesmerize your flavour buds and warm and welcoming community that make you seem you’ve come to dwelling is the smallest to mention of Asia. The unique brandish of nature’s divine artworks followed by varied heritage and chronicled presence in flawless harmony. A visit to Asia pledges to rejuvenate your all five senses, giving you a glimpse of heaven on earth and hospitality at its finest. Anything form luxuries and godly outtakes to easy and cheap vacation destinations Asia has it all. It is not likely to register the marvels of Asia but to addition it all up we have peak 10 most well liked journey destinations in Asia ideal for your great holidays


vietnam asia travel destinations Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

Spicy regional cuisine and easy going fun people who love a laugh and a drink, Vietnam is massively fun exploring. With its blend of Hindu and Chinese culture apparent in their ancient architecture and food, Vietnam also delivers its visual dramatics. Cruise azure ocean decorated with surreal looking limestone islands in Halong Bay and witness the sandy bays of central coastline before exploring the reefs of the Cham and Con Dao Islands. Get a glimpse of the wildlife in Cat Tien National Park and finish it all off with the busy city life of the capital Hanoi. Vietnam is truely a blessing to Asia and any traveller who fall witness to this spectacular land.


thailand asia travels Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

Land of mythical beaches, jungle-topped islands with exotic beach parties soaked in alcohol and mischief, Thailand is where the gods must seek escape to feel alive themselves. Limitless possibilities awaits you where you will find a lifetime short for luxury and lavishes. Dive with whale sharks in Ko Tao and kiteboard in Hua Hi all in a day’s work and still be in time for divine cuisine in the most luxuries of hotels and resorts. Phuket, the biggest island of Thailand is undoubtly one of the top destinations in the world let alone in Asia. Weather you seek lavishly expensive hotels or cheap resorts one thing is certain that you will leave with endless pleasant memories.

8. Indonesia

indonesia travel asia Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

Sleeping Giant of Southeast Asia with 18,110 islands being the fourth most populated country in the world, “Wonderful Indonesia” as it calls itself is no less of a wonder with its hundred volcanoes, thousands of islands and millions of culturally diversed population it might seem like the whole world put in a blender. Bali, with its miles of beaches is paradise for couples on honeymoon and surfers. This is where the whole world meets and be certain of having more than just hangover stories to tell about when you get back home from this awesome adventure.


maldives asia travels Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

A synonym for paradise, Maldives with its cobalt blue water and world class beaches is a great holiday destnation for honeymooners and divers. Despite going through natural disasters in the past it has established itself as one of the prominent jewels of Asia. Nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean it is a series of coral reefs aound the sides of prehistoric volcanoes. The country welcomes travellers  with open arms under its bright blue sky with year round sunshine. It has increasingly become a popular holiday destination where travellers can go on a shopping spree. But be certain to have a big heart and a deep pocket before you go shopping frenzy.

6. Nepal

everest2 Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia


Having an abundance of rivers, lakes mountains and greatest Himalayas of the world where diverse cultures meet wonders of the nature, Nepal is the land where divines left their masterpiece while crafting this world. Home to some of the best trekking and rafting sites in the world Nepal remains to be one of the most sought after destinations for nature and adventure lovers. Visit the birthplace of Buddha and highest peak of the world Mt.Everest as you feast your eyes upon the breathtaking scenery that seems unending as you travel anywhere, this tourist friendly nation along with its warm hospitality might just give you the best travel memories you will ever have.

Relax, lay back and enjoy the nature or perhaps get a kick of adrenaline with world-class white-water rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, paragliding or bungee. You will never fall short of options before you leave enchanted by this land and its people. Before your first visit here ends you will end up planning another one.

5. India

india travel asia Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

Snow covered mountains to sun burnt beaches, there is hardly any place else as enigmatic as India. “Incredible India” as they call it, it can be incredibly amusing, enjoyable and interesting as much as challenging, thrilling and frustrating for first time visitors. Be prepared to expect anything and everything in this mystical land of religion and culture as you try hopelessly to unravel its secrets. There is no end to sightseeing, everywhere you travel you will find yourself fortunate witnessing festivals and larger than life extravagant celebrations that are of Indian lifestyle. Food is something you will never run out no matter where you travel with a new dish everytime. Be it nature, culture, food, wildlife or all night long beach parties of Goa, India is certainly a set to fill your apetite regardless of how big it might be.

4. Cambodia

siem reap cambodia asia holiday temple of angkor wat Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

Head throught the gateway fo Siem Reap towards one of the most fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites of Southeast Asia in Angkor Wat believed to be 900 years old. Siam Reap has established itself as one of the fastest growing tourist locations in Asia. Hotels ranging from lavish 5-start hotels to budget guesthouses with quite a few selection of restaurants are prevalent here. You can visit Sihanoukville, a port city with white sand beaches and tropical islands, Tonle Sap the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia, Silver Pagoda or Phnom Penh and yes ofcourse the most famous of all Angkor Wat. There is a variety of dilicious cuisine to choose from and havin established itself as a major tourist attaction Cambodia has much more to offer than temples and hotels.

3. Singapore

singapore asia travel Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

There is hardly any other ideal place to spend your vacation than Singapore. Despite being the second most densely populated city in the world after Monaco, half of it is covered by greenery with 4 nature reserves and 50 major parks. It might seem like a vast garden with large residential buildings mushroomed all over the island. One of the most amazing places on planet with awesome cuisines, luxuries hotels, extravant shopping malls and great nightlife. Being so modern and sophisticate it is yet so in sync with the nature and wildlife keeping its purity intact. The fusion of nature, modernization and religion is apparent. Pamper yourself with the wonderful food and shopping destinations in this multiracial land  where the city never seems to fall asleep. The modern lifestyle with state of the art hospitality and natural and man made wonders that will leave you awestruck.

2. Malaysia

malaysia travel asia Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

Malaysia, Truely Asia” certainly lives up to its hype with its multicultural Malay with Chinese and Indian influences. Peninsular Malaysia with its dense jungles and sandy beaches along with busy sophisticated city life shadowed with skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur in harmony with its remote tribes, can be considere a beautiful fusion of Asia. It has one of the best assortments of cuisines in the world with Chinese-Malay ‘Nonya’ fare and buffets to Indian curries with even impressive Western culinary. Luxuries and lavishes with equal fun and adventure awaits you in Malaysia which is also one of the safest and stable part of Southeast Asia.

1. Japan

japan asian holiday1 Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

When i mention Japan your head must be flooding with images of kimono wearing geisha, futuristic machines and technology, suited bussinessmen, bullet trains and crazy teens with their outragious sense of fashion with fascination for arcade gaming. Well, you just had the demo of your vacation in this historical land of Samurai and Ninjas. Japan gives you taste of both modern and traditional japanese lifestyle. Cities like Nara and Kyoto will make you feel you are reading a highly detailed book on traditional Nippon (Japan) with temples, shrines, kabuki and tea ceremonies. If you wish to explore the modern culture view the capital Tokyo with skyscapers shining like arraw of starts from distant with futuristic malls, cafes and restaurants. Step outside the city for coral reefs of Okinawa and ski-resort of Niseko. Be it the natural wonders, man made marvels or cultural treasure Japan has an abundance of all. If you like to eat then you will love what japanese cuisine has to offer for your palate. Despite the myth of being one of the most expensive places, it is comaparatively cheaper to travel in Japan than in Western Europe. A perfect holiday destination with everything you can possibly imagine along with warn and welcoming Japanese hospitality Japan is the most recommended holiday destination in Asia.

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