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palolem beach in goa

Palolem Beach Resort Goa can be known a “Paradise Beach” which is situated in South Goa. This beach can be fabled for its beach hut accommodation, if you intend to stay here you then need certainly to reside in a few huts and you’ll feel very easy means of living. November to March is the better time to see Palolem Beach. A couple of years ago this beach was one of many virgin beaches but due to some developments in this place, this is among the most famous tourist beach of Goa. You will see every season bamboo hut resort and restaurants where you could get many good items to eat. Here you can get beautiful accommodation and the atmosphere with this beach is excellent and relaxed, it is just a very friendly and safe beach for youth and families.

With this beach you will see various other popular attractions like Dolphin cruises, fishing trips, banana ride, Paragliding etc. Every one of these attractions are given at affordable rate. Besides this you are able to have a traditional South Indian dish which contains rice and chapattis with vegetable curries and sauces with coconut. If you’re a low vegetarian then you will find fresh fishes which are brought each morning by the fishermen. Here you are able to do yoga in yoga classes; these yoga classes are available many places in Goa at sunset. Mostly yoga class is taken beneath the palm tree which is really a quite different experience and it will not be missed. This can be a list which provides you the complete idea to remain and love this particular place; we shall describe it by points like which is the better place to consume, drinks, the very best accommodation in budget, restaurants, lounge, guest house etc.:

The view from the balcony of our beach hut

Here you will find Indian food along with international food and this food is quite delicious and very cheaper than every other place. Here are a few names of restaurants and café which provide you best food:

Sameer Restaurant: This really is very close to the beach and here you will receive a good breakfast and fish sizzlers.
Café Inn: It’s situated on the key road junction close to the bus stop. It’s fabled for its freshly ground coffee. Here you will find special sandwiches, wraps, cakes, pastries. Here you will find every sort of meat like beef, chicken, lamb and seafood.
Drupadi: it is the better and hottest restaurant in Palolem. Tandoori fish is quite famous with this restaurant. Here you is likely to be served a great number of food and the waiter are friendly, you’ll get better service than every other restaurant.
Magic Italy: It’s situated on the left side of Palolem Beach Road. Here you can get the very best pizza in only 200 Rs. Four cheese or spinach pizzas will also be famous here.

Palolem Beach

Here virtually all the beaches serve alcohol. If you intend to take drinks in bar, then this place has many good bars where you could take any type of brand which you want the most. Cuba bar, alpha bar, a summer restaurant, café del mar, euphoria restaurant are good quality places for drinking. In these bars you’ll experience good quality music, pool table, headphone party and great atmosphere.

Here you will find the very best lounges which are on a budget. Your rate normally is dependent upon that what things you’re required like TV, AC and other luxury stuff. This is a small set of good quality places to remain:
Palolem Guest House: It’s excellent destination for a stay. It offers you neat and clean rooms at only Rs 600-1200 per night.
Le Grand Residency: It’s the alternative side of Palolem Beach. It offers you excellent and decent rooms however there’s some noise due to buses which park away from hotel.
Virgin Beach Resort: It can be a good place to remain; it gives you great accommodation in your budget. It’s situated just opposite the Om Sai guest house.

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