Alappuzha Beach


Alappuzha Beach

Kerala is one of the finest destinations for famous and beautiful beaches in India. From crowded hot and happening beaches to the quite untouched ones, you will discover all sorts of beaches in this state. It’s one of the very most few places on the planet blessed with abundant natural beauty and magical charm. The white sandy virgin beaches with this state, fringed with beautiful coconut palms is the best respite for tired eyes and fatigued body. It is the greatest destination to flee the chaos and tension of hectic life and spend some peaceful time losing yourself in the serenity and charm of the soothing environment. There’s nothing as pleasing since the beaches of Kerala, – beautiful, charming, mesmerizing and an entire treat for the body and your soul. If you wish to witness something that’s heavenly and way beyond the worthiness with this planet, then check out the beaches of Kerala.

Alappuzha Beach in Kerala

Alappuzha Beach positioned in the Alappuzha district of Kerala is certainly one of typically the most popular beaches with this state. This place, which can be also called the ‘Venice of the East ‘, by travellers via different areas of the planet was a critical port in the olden days. The Alappuzha lighthouse and the remains of the Alappuzha Sea bridge stands testimony to the grand old glorious days with this port. Other popular attractions with this place next to the majestic beach will be the annual boat races, the initial backwaters, the marine products and coir industry. People come here from all around the world to witness the planet famous boat races that occurs one per year throughout the months of August and September. The most used of most boat races could be the Nehru Trophy boat race which can be witnessed by huge numbers of people worldwide. It’s certainly one of their grandest festivals and part of their culture and traditions. Practice with this race begins months before and every participant gives inside their heart and soul to win the race, for the victory not merely brings the trophy but immense pride with their family and community.

Alappuzha Marari Beach
Form boat race, Alappuzha Beach can be called a remarkably popular picnic spot, where families come in their holiday to invest some great time and have a great time in the waters. The Vijaya Beach Park located nearby adds more to the fun. An Alappuzha Beach tour is incomplete with no houseboat cruise. The houseboats which are called ‘Kettuvallams’in the area language and were used to move rice and spices in the olden days through the backwaters, have now become probably the most symbolic tourist attraction of Kerala. It is similar to a flying palace, with all luxuries and comfort, fully furnished rooms, attached bath, dining and living space, television, telephone, a butler and great local food. It can be one of the finest approaches to explore the backwaters and the accompanying natural beauty with this ‘God’s own country ‘. An Alappuzha Beach tour can be your passage to world of fun, peace and joy.