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Frozen River Trek
Frozen River Trek

For every traveler who is in the scenario of ‘Been there, done that’, Ladakh is certainly all together a new way of chance in Indian. With its exclusive and complicated terrain, Ladakh has been spotted as a hub of thrilling actions like stream tubing, backpacking, vehicle safaris, hiking and trekking.  Out of all these adventure steps, trekking in Ladakh is the center of attention that beguiles travellers from all over the globe. If we go by the guides, there are some extremely wonderful hikes in Ladakh and if we go by the center, there are plenty of untouched hikes that provide not only wonderful attractions but also a rendezvous with a different part of this exclusive location. Proffering a new experience on every trekking adventure, Ladakh is endowed with the charm elixir. Here is the record of top 25 hikes in Ladakh that comes to your save when you looking for something different to experience:

I have separated these treks in following 3 categories:

1-   Easy

2-   Moderate

3-   Tough

Let’s start with……

Easy Treks in Ladakh:

Sham Valley Trek:

An simple travel that will cause you through some wonderful towns of Ladakh and to popular Tibetan monasteries like Lamayuru, Spituk, Likir and Alchi, Charade Area travel is the website to connection better with Ladakh. Charade Area is also known as Apricot Area because of the Apricot orchards covering this area. Also known as as ‘Baby Trek’, the hiking path for this travel extends about 30kms from Likir to Temisgam.  The travel also gives to be able to communicate with the town individuals who are still hold of their customs. The variety of organic charm and the relaxed atmosphere has the ability to revitalize. The travel starts from Likir and goes through Yangthang via Chagatse La (3630m), Phobe La (3580m), Hemis Shukpachan via Tsermangchan La (3750m), Ang town via Mebtak La and Nurla before finishing at Leh.

Duration: 5 to 7 Days

Best Time: May to October

Spituk – Stok Trek:

A relatively easier travel, Spituk- Stok travel is one hiking adventure that you must take! Providing wonderful opinions of the nearby mountains and the popular Indus Area, the pathway of this travel requirements frequently climbing and climbing down the rough mountains and strolling along the sources. One has the opportunity to observe some wonderful Buddhist monasteries and capture a glance of Ladakh’s wealthy lifestyle. Hiking at the platform of Kang Yatse massif optimum (6400m) and experiencing the view of the Zanskar range are the center of attention of this travel. The hiking pathway of Spituk-Stok travel begins from Spituk and reducing and operating through Zingchen and the wonderful Rumbak Area one lastly gets to Stok La, which is also known as Namlung La.

Duration: 6 Days

Best Time: May to October

Spituk – Matho Trek:

Considered as an simple to average travel, Spituk-Matho travel provides a excellent look within Ladakh. With most of the travel rotating around Hemis National Park, one has an probability to discover the wildlife in Ladakh. The hiking walkway goes through dry and dry area to achieve Zingchen and then through a wonderful stuff goes into the attractive Rumbak Valley; the pathway becomes even higher as one techniques Stok La and begins to come down towards Mankorma. Further a light rise requires one to Matho La from where the perspective of Stok Kangri and Matho Kangri is basically spectacular. Climbing down from the successfully pass towards Matho Phu, one can observe the jaw-dropping perspective of hills in different colors. The travel indicates at Matho town, which can be achieved through the wonderful gorge; one can also check out the holy Buddhist monastery known as Matho Gompa.

Duration: 5 Days

Best Time: May to October

Nimaling Plateau:

Starting from the holy Hemis monastery, the Nimaling Level travel is one of the best hiking tracks in Ladakh. Traversing through Shang and moving through Kongmaru La and many invisible towns of Ladakh, one lastly gets to Nimaling Level. The high field position is popular as a protection for the nomadic communities of Ladakh, who often carry their livestock (Yak and Pashmina goat) to eat in this position. A flower-strewn pathway in the 30 days of Aug and Sept improving the attractiveness of the position is what you can anticipate here. Nimaling also is the best vision for hiking and studying about the complicated life of Ladakh. The trip is a bit intense but provides tremendous enjoyment and stunning scenery opinions.

Duration: 8 to 10 Days

Best Time: June to October

Indus Valley Trek:

Indus Valley Trek
Believed to be one of the most convenient Trekking in Ladakh, the Indus Area Travel is apt for starter stage trekkers. Trekking along the Indus Area pathway, one is likely to navigate through the wonderful Charade Area and its towns, great hill successfully pass like Phobe-La and through a variety of Tibetan Gompas like Likir, Thiksey and Alchi. The impressive modify in the scenery is what captivates the trekkers here the most; while on one part you can see snow-clad hills and floor, on the other part lavish plants will capture your interest. The trekking pathway includes places of Leh, Skardu and a dry wasteland. The trek is flagged off from Likir and goes through Yangthang, Ang Town via Sermanchan La (3750m) and Lago La (3750m). The trek then further goes to the hiking website at Wanla, which can be achieved by traversing through Temisgang, Bongbong La and Khaltse. From Wanla the trekking pathway goes to Prinkit La and then after traversing several sources gets to Lamayuru.

Duration: 8 to 10 Days

Best Time: Mid-June to October

Moderate Treks in Ladakh:

Markha Valley Trek:

One of the most amazing downhill treks in Ladakh, Markha Area Travel will make you drop madly in really like with Ladakh. Also known as the ‘Tea Home Trek’, where parachute hiking is available en path, this trek provides an probability to trek through the stunning cool wasteland valley. The spectacular perspective of the Kang Yatse optimum and Stok Kangri mountains, the trip to bumpy canyons and to Buddhist towns are the features of the trek. The hiking pathway is a zesty encounter as it allows one to combination through waist-deep mineral water and crossing wonderful locations like Spituk, Zingchen, Skiu via high successfully pass Gandala (4,800 m). Markha Area is a challenging trek that needs expertise and endurance to achieve it. The picturesque opinions are the compensate for this unique trek.

Duration: 11 Days

Best Time: June to October

Nubra Valley Trek (Phyang to Hunder):

An thrilling travel to the most distant areas of the Himalayan buckle appears to be nothing short of an experience.Nubra Valley Trek attracts trekkers from all around the world to discover something uncommon. The trekking pathway follows the Indus Area and then goes towards Zanskar Area. In order to achieve Nubra Valley Trek one has to deal with complicated environment, considerably modifying terrain that on one part has filter graveled streets and on the other part is endowed with start up reasons and thin air hill goes.  The cool wasteland of Hunder, and the wonderfully wonderful Diskit town and monastery are the significant destinations of this travel. The travel starts from Sabu Village and then includes the thin air Digar La successfully pass (6000m) to achieve Digar Village. Further shifting along the stream Shyok, the hiking pathway carries on towards Agyam Village and Khalsar Village. Climbing down to Diskit town via Sumur, the travel comes to an end.

Duration:  10 to 12 Days

Best Time: June and Late September

Ripchar Valley Trek:

Providing wonderful opinions of the two similar varies namely Zanskar and Karakoram, Ripchar Area is an exciting travel. The jaw-dropping scenery with uncommon stone development, flower-strewn paths, barley and spud areas and grassy start areas make it a well-known travel amongst experience fans. The travel starts from the camping area at Hinju and then rotates through Sumdo Chenmo via Prinkiti La, Lanak, Sumda Area and operates along Sumda Chu to achieve Cooling Town by traversing Dungduchun La.

Duration: 5 Days

Best Time: July to September

Tsomoriri Lake Trek:

Providing a attractive travel like the Tsomoriri Lake, Ladakh beguiles many experience lovers from across the globe. the climbing pathway starts from Rumptse and leads to the natural Kyamar Area, crossing through the stunning Rupshu Area, From here the pathway transcends to Kumur La (4770m), from where one can observe the awesome perspective of Kang Yatse and Indus Area. The extreme rise to Shibuk La (4875m), from where an excellent perspective of Tso Kar can be seen, the pathway carries on further to Pangunagu, Nuruchan and goes through Horlam Kongka La (4900 m) and Kyamayuri La that results in Korzok, which is the Northwestern coast of Tso Moriri. Ongoing to Parang valley, the pathway results in Parang La and then descends to Jugstok and further to Kibber, which is one of the biggest towns on the globe.  This can be one of those awesome encounters of hiking in Ladakh Himalaya that certainly not can be forgotten!

Duration: 18 to 20 Days

Best Time: June to September

Lamayuru to Alchi Trek:

Getting you to two of the most historical monasteries that go returning to the 1200’s, the Lamayuru to Alchi Travel is an perfect way for a spiritual tour in Ladakh. The pathway includes the wonderful area of Wanla and Sumdochoon and many great hill goes like Penji La and Prinkiti La and a variety of rivulets and sources. The hiking path of Lamayuru Alchi trek starts from Lamayuru and goes through Prinkti La (3750m), Shilla, Wanla, Platform of Tar La, Tar, Man Gyu and then lastly results in Alchi. The trek gives adequate of opportunityto observe and consider the life-style and charming attraction of Ladakh.

Duration:  9 Days

Best Time: July to October

Kang Yatse Trek:

A average travel in Ladakh place, the trekking road of Kang Yatse goes through the wonderful pastures of Nimaling. Throughout the travel the opinions stay picturesque and on attaining the Nimaling level the scenery perspective is at its best. The travel contains traversing through Markha Area and a go up to Kang Yatse optimum (6200m). Although the go up is non-technical, it is no simple go up to the top. For Kang Yatse the hiking starts from Martselang, which is the entry factor of Hemis Nationwide Park; then the travel leads to a little town known as Shang Sumdo. Further a go up to the different-hued stuff in Shang is followed by traversing of stream several periods in a row to achieve Lartsa. A extreme rise to Gongmaru La (5200m) from where the perspective of Kang Yatse, Zanskar and Karakoram varies is basically spectacular, the pathway leads to the pastures of Nimaling. From Nimaling there is a extreme rise to the platform camping that gradually becomes more difficult once the go up for the optimum starts. However the jaw-dropping opinions of Zanskar and Karakoram varies compensate every attempt of getting this intense travel.

Duration: 12 Days

Best Time: July to September

Lamayuru – Chilling Trek:

The Lamayuru-Chilling travel is known for amazing opinions and seeing of some of the historical Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. Beginning from the Eleventh century’s Lamayuru monastery, the hiking pathway leads to Charade Area and further diverges from Kargil-Leh street at Phatu La. The trekking way is full of stunning opinions and once attaining Charade Area, the opinions become better with plenty of apricot orchards to observe. Getting the residents who invest their lifestyles remaining aloof from today’s technological innovation and convenience, the pathway includes locations like Wanla, Hinju, Sumdha Chenmo and Dudunchen La before lastly attaining the wonderful town of Cooling in the Zanskar Valley.

Duration: 5 to 6 Days

Best Time: June to September

Snow Leopard Trek:

Snowfall Leopard Travel is one of the popular winter year treks in Ladakh that is done in Hemis National Park. This trek provides an understanding into Rumbak Valley, where many charming towns can be found. Hemis National Park is the home of snow leopards, Eurasian brownish keep, fantastic large eagle and other kind of parrots. Proffering one of the best encounters of hiking during the cold months months year time, Snowfall Leopard Travel attracts many trekkers worldwide. Starting from Zingchen, the hiking road descends along with the flow to the resplendent Rumbak stuff, where it lastly satisfies Indus. The first indication of snow leopards can be felt here and then the trek further goes up to Husing nallah that takes you to the stop where red lambs can be identified. A minor rise delivers one to Tarbung, which is yet another good discover to identify the challenging cat and its feed.

Duration: 13 Days

Best Time: January and February

Markha – Stok Kangri Climb Trek:

A average trek that needs expertise and dedication, Markha Valley-Stok Kangri Go up is not for a beginner trekker. The travel is value all the attempt as it is endowed with outstanding opinions of Karakoram Variety, Saser Kangri optimum, Stok Kangri, Kang Yatse double mountains and Nun-Kun mountains. The pathway goes through several spread thin air villages; here each town is lavish with areas of barley, rice and mustard, creating it a significant fascination for trekkers.  Romancing with excitement, a trekker will proceed his trip through Spituk, Zingchen, Skiu via Ganda La, Markha Area, Nimaling, Kongmaru La, Sumdo, Leh, Matho and Matho Phu to Stok Kangri platform camping. Further, one can take up the difficult climb to the optimum that gradually is the biggest sensation ever.

Duration: 15 Days

Best Time: Mid-June to October

Difficult Treks in Ladakh:

Frozen River Trek/ Chadar Trek:

You talk of thrill; well, Chadar Travel is the best competitor for it. Status by its name the trek is about strolling over a freezing stream. With eye capturing landscapes and nerve-racking heat range, it is inarguably one of the best hikes in Ladakh. Located in Zanskar Area in Ladakh at 3850m above sea stage, Frozen River trek also gives you to be able to fulfill the fearless residents, who use this hiking path during winter seasons for commutation, when the heat range continues to be -10 stage Celsius or so. Enigmatic and challenging though it may seem, it can be quickly trekked with sensible hiking methods. The trek starts from the wonderful Cooling town shifting towards Zaribago, Deepyokma, Nyarak Village, Nyarakpulu and then to a little town known as Lingshed. From Lingshed, which is known for its monasteries and helpful residents, the trek further is constantly on the Tso Mopoaldar via Nyarakpulu and then to Tilatdo and lastly to Cooling.

Duration: 13 to 22 Days

Best Time: Mid January to Mid March

Stok Kangri Trek:

An additional amount of adventure is what Stok Kangri travel has in shop for the trekker. One of the most challenging hikes in Ladakh that requirements string going up the, hill hiking, hiking through challenging snowfall areas and being on crampons, this travel is a cure for actual adventure lovers. A trekable optimum, Stok Kangri can be contacted from Sumdo, where one can appreciate pets significantly. The hiking path further leads out to Shang Phu that is known mostly for hair sighting and then towards Shang La from where one can get periodic opinions of the Indus Valley. Climbing down from to Tokpo Rivera and then moving through Gangpoche, the pathway results in Matho La from where the first perspective of Stok Kangri is obvious. Crossing through a variety that provides the perspective of Saltoro Kangri, the pathway results in Stok Town and Smankarmo. Through a grassy area that is located beside the meltwater flow the pathway reduces and operates towards Stok Kangri platform camp; thereafter a intense travel up the Stok Kangri optimum follows. It is a challenging ascend to the peak; however, dedication, abilities, techniques and appropriate assistance can help one get over these complications and create it a wonderful trekking adventure in Indian.

Duration: 10 to 15 Days

Best Season: July to September

Remote Zanskar Trek:

Zanskar is an separated area and is also popular for the same. The untainted organic charm, the unique scenery and the complicated environment creates it one of the most eye-catching locations in Ladakh for hiking. The distant Zanskar travel requires you through an action-packed trip that provides to be able to perspective something remarkable at every convert. The perspective of the extremely wonderful gorges that are established by the flowing Stream Zanskar, the charming agreements at Zangla, Sumdo, Tilat Sumdo, Nimaling and the perspective of the popular double mountains Nun and Kun are the destinations of this travel. The hiking path of the distant Zanskar travel starts from Mulbek and requires you through Rangdum, Padum, Zangla, Sumdo Town, Tilat Sumdo, Platform of Rubang La, Markha Area, Thochuntse, Nimaling and Sumdo and lastly indicates travel at Leh.

Duration: 17 to 18 Days

Best Time: July to September

Lamayuru to Darcha Trek:

The Lamayuru to Darcha travel provides one of the best hiking paths in Ladakh that starts from a filter remove of area and gradually start to extensive area valleys with nothing but unrivaled elegance. Lamayuru Darcha travel includes three different areas, namely, Lahaul, Ladakh and Zanskar, which definitely increases the excitement and experience of the travel. One can also take a extensive trip of the distant Tibetan monasteries like Phutkal, Seni, Mani, Karsha, Bardan and Lingshed. This challenging and intense travel is flagged off from Lamayuru monastery and goes through Wanla, Hanupatta, Photoskar, Sengge La, Styangs, Lingshed, Pishu, Karsha, Padum, Raru, Purne, Phutkal, Sking, Lhakang, Ramjak, Palhamo to be able to achieve Darcha.

Duration: 20 Days

Best Time: June to September

Rupshu Valley Trek:

Known for providing attractive surroundings, Rupshu Place Travel is something that gives one goose lumps. Beginning from Hemis (40kms from Leh), the hiking path for Rupshu Place is a average one with a variety of attractive activities and few challenging increases. Populated by individuals of the nomadic group (Chang-pa tribe), the trek provides probability to see some of the distant inhabited places in Indian. Different colourMountains, Pond Tsomoriri, substantial goes and the cool wasteland area are the significant destinations of Rupshu Place trek. The hiking pathway begins from Rumtse and goes through Kyamar, Tisaling, Pangunagu, Nuruchan, Rachung Karu, Gyama Lhoma and Korzok.

Duration: 10 to 12 Days

Best Time: June to October

Zanskar Valley Trek:

Climbing through Zanskar Valley is one of the most amazing encounters that provide significance to your experience vacations in Ladakh. Providing a variety of breathtaking and picturesque elegance, the Zanskar Valley Travel is a amazing way to discover the smaller known yet spectacular Ladakh. Combination through distant towns, well-known monasteries and crazy canyons and make the most of the chance by catching it in your digicam lens. This fascinating trek starts from Darcha and protect locations like Palahmo, Zanskar Sumdo, Chumik Nakpo, Lakhang via Shingo La (4060m), Kargil, Phutkal, Purni, Pipula, Raru and Padum.

Duration: 16 to 28days

Best Time: June to September

Hemis to Padum Trek:

An amazing travel that starts from the well-known Hemis monastery, it goes across the wonderful Markha Area and Junglam before attaining Zanskar. Proffering a piece of Ladakh’s excitement, the Hemis to Padum Trek is well-known amongst experience hunters. A intense travel on an separated path, it requirements plenty of dedication and expertise to achieve it. Great hill successfully pass like Kongmaru La, winding stream like Lanthang Chu and towns like Dhungri, Phay and Hamuling are the fascination of this travel. Hemis Padum travel continues to be start for only one 30 days in a season and its hiking path starts from Shang Sumdo. The pathway then goes through Lartsa, Langthang River via Kongmaru La, Nimaling pastures, Zalung Karpo La, Tilat Sumdo via Rabrang La, Northern camping of Chhar Chhar La, Zangla Sumdo and then lastly indicates at Padum.

Duration: 14 Days

Best Time: August to September

Rumtse to Kiber Trek:

On this vacation, you can protected yourself an essential studying chance. The hiking pathway requires you to the excellent Rupshu Area, some nomadic agreements and provides resplendent opinions of dry flatlands, snow-clad mountains, excellent Paran La and wonderful Tsomoriri Lake. Providing to be able to identify the Himalaya wild creatures and creatures like marmot and ratings of migratory parrots, this is one of the best paths that one can select to join in Ladakh. The hiking pathway of  Rumtse to Kiber travel begins from Rumtse and reduces and operates through the area of Chorten Sumdo via excellent hill goes Kyamari La and Mandalchan La, Titsaling via Shingbuk La, Tso Kar, Nuruchan via Horlam La, Rachungkaru, Kyamuri La, Kartse La, Gyama, Karzok, Kiangdom, Umlung, Parang La and lastly gets to Kibber.

Duration: 16 Days

Best Time: June to October

Spituk to Lungmo Che-Zara:

As you begin from Spituk, the beautiful attraction of Ladakh begins to woo you on the Spituk to Lungmo travel. Move through the lavish Zingchen Area along which the spectacular Rumbak Stream moves, successfully go through Ganda La and observe the spectacular opinions of the substantial Zanskar and Stok Varies. Traversing the Changthang Level is the significant fascination of this travel, where one gets an probability to communicate with the nomadic communities of Ladakh who shift with their yaks and pashmina goat’s. The hiking pathway further is constantly on the Markha Area and you can observe the remains of Techa monastery and then shift to Hankar, Yakrupal, Khar via Zalung Karpo La, Dat to achieve Lungmo Che via Yar La and Zara.

Duration: 10 Days

Best Time: June to September

Kharnak Trek:

Also known as the Kharnak nomad vacation, it indicates that this particular adventure gives you to be able to fulfill some nomadic communities of Ladakh who often shift together with their yaks. The travel begins from Shang and the pathway passes across through great field area of Nimaling to Zalung Karpo La and then further continues to Changthang Level, which is the hub of a variety of nomadic communities. Strolling towards Puga Area one can observe camping locations of the nomadic communities that vary in traditions and traditions with each other. This travel will help you comprehend the complicated lifestyle in Ladakh.

Duration: 16 Days

Best Time: May to September

Darcha – Padum Trek:

This vacation is popular amongst the Western experience lovers and protect three different places of Ladakh, which gives the idea of happy excitement and experience throughout the travel. A extensive travel that mostly includes transcends , Darcha Padum travel is ideal for the professional trekkers. In this travel anticipate to combination many sources and waterways, several high hill goes, wonderful distant towns and successfully go through many substantial snow. Flagged off from Darcha, the hiking path reduces and operates through Palamo, Zanskar Sumdo, Chuminakpo, Lakong, Purne and Ichar and indicates at Padum. The pathway also goes through Shingo La, the holy Phutkal Gompa and the winding Zanskar Stream making the travel all the more thrilling.

Duration: 21 Days

Best Time: July to Mid September

Lamayuru – Padum Trek:

This trek gives to be able to travel through the heartland of Zanskar alongwith protecting seven great hill goes and a variety of stream traversing involved. During the travel you will be able to observe the organic glasses of Ladakh that certainly contributes to the sport. Stunning great field, picturesque campgrounds and peaceful dry wasteland area, substantial hill goes and snow-clad hills, Buddhist monasteries and distant towns with irrigated areas of barley and apples, makes this travel more amazing and all together an memorable encounter. The hiking pathway includes Prinkiti La, Sengge La, Lingshed, Perfila, Pishu, Karsha before it gets to Padum.

Duration: 18 to 20 Days

Best Time: July to September

Ladakh is indeed the best Adventure place in India. If you are an Adventure fan who is preparing to take up something amazing then Ladakh can be the right place for you. From our record of treks in Ladakh, you could very well make out the variety of Adventure possibilities you have here. Choose a travel that you prefer and guide yourself a amazing Ladakh hiking trip ASAP! Have a fantastic holiday!

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